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Release Date:   2016-06-20  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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AIMP is a sophisticated but free music player that you can use to perform other functions that you would otherwise accomplish using separate programs. For example, you can use it as an audio recorder, converter, a tag editor and even scheduler.

Installing AIMP

The process of installing AIMP was straightforward. It gave us the option to install it to our Windows system or use it as a portable program from our chosen drive and folder. The easy-to-follow instructions allowed us to integrate the MP3 player to Windows context menu even when we chose the portable option.

Using AIMP

The player displayed a relatively simple user interface featuring a dark theme, which we could change. Immediately to the top right side of the main program window was an equalizer window.


The equalizer included 22 presets that we could select from or adjust the bars manually to make our own preferred setting. We could also let the player auto-adjust equalizer preset for a track. The window included a preamp level adjuster and speaker balance slide bar. We could choose to display the equalizer window on the left side of the main player window or turn it off.

The equalizer was not activated by default, but we activated it under DSP Manager from where we could make several other adjustments. For example, we could add and adjust the levels of such sound effects as echo, reverb, flanger, chorus, bass, enhancer, speed, tempo and pitch. The player also allowed us to choose different mixing options, including manual and automatic track switching.


When AIMP started playing a track, the track’s name and other details displayed on the top section of the computer screen for about five seconds irrespective of the program we were using. It also kept rolling the name on the upper part of its interface, including other details like size, bitrate and samplerate.

Whenever we selected a new track or folder, we had to either type a name for our playlist or choose the one entered by default. The player displayed buttons with the names of the last three folders, which we could click on to start playing tracks. The search bar on the lower part of the interface allowed us to jump to a specific track on the selected folder, and pressing Enter launched the track.

In addition to common features like shuffle and repeat, the program’s interface let us choose different visualizations, which included graphic equalizer and analog meters that changed in tune with the playing track.


The Tag Editor feature enabled us to either add or remove tags to or from selected tracks. The audio converter allowed us to convert files to several formats, including APE, FLAC, MusePack SV8, OGG Vorbis, Opus, WAVE, WavePack and WMA. However, MP3 format was not included for patent reasons, but the player gave instructions on what to do.


Although AIMP is a free music player, it is a versatile program that gives you more functions in one small package.


"Good but,"

Reviewer: -CH1306

Review Date: 2016-03-16

Pros: Flexible, powerful, I liked the interface

Cons: Tended to crash if worked hard.

Other Thoughts: None


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