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2014-04-18 | Changelog
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Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
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Software Product Description

Advanced Onion Router is a client for TOR network and is intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users.

It is able to "force" a program and its plugins to use the Tor proxy regardless of its configured proxy settings.

What´s New in version

  • corrected: the subdomain was not removed from an .onion address when searching for its rendezvous descriptor
  • the OpenSSL library was updated to openssl-1.0.1g
  • geoip_c.h was updated with GeoIPCountryWhois.csv released on April 2nd; there are 93477 IP ranges having 102 ranges in the fake ´A1´ country; 98 ranges were approximated to real countries

FreewareFiles Clean Award FreewareFiles tested Advanced Onion Router on 2014-04-18 using leading antivirus scanners and found it 100% Clean.

User Reviews

Reviewer: -mweizer    Review Date: 2013-12-03
Average Rating (12 Votes )
Pros:  None

Cons:  Its Favorites IPs feature really should be revamped; it's needlessly awkward. Perhaps making it a part of the r-click tray icon menu: add/delete the IP you are using/trying out, list of (all) favorites (select/delete), ... Just say "sort IPs by country" Presently: bottom of GUI, next to "New Identity" button is an innocuous, tiny arrow button and tray icon r-click "Select IP"> "Advanced"> Both open same window with drop menu country list ,name, IP address, bandwith

Other Thoughts:  Every IP is an elite proxy --cannot tell you are using a proxy or , if it can, because of java, say, cannot see your actual IP.

I've used this to get past geo-blocking
Yes, the U.S. of frikkin A. blocks content/sites --usually on behalf of a business/organization/policy or they get the host country/provider to do it
-try watching without it, for example.(movies)
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