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2016-02-22 | Changelog
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Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
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Doro PDF Writer allows you to create a colored PDF file from any Windows program. The setup contains all what you need for creating pdf files. After installation you have an additional printer called ´Doro PDF Writer´.


  • Simply start Word©.
  • Write your document, also colored pictures can be included.
  • Select on the print dialog the printer labeled ´Doro PDF Writer´ and press ´OK´.
  • On the Doro window which appears after that, you can specify some additional options. press ´Create´.
  • Now you have a colored pdf file.

You can encrypt the pdf with 128-bit password protection. Further ´copy and paste´ and printing can be prevented. After installation you can also start the ´Doro.exe´ executable directly to convert .ps [PhostScript] files into .pdf files.

This printer is working under Windows 7 [32 and 64 Bit] / Vista [32 and 64 Bit] / 2003 Server [incl. Terminal Services / Citrix XenApp with multiple concurrent users] [32 and 64 Bit] / XP [32 and 64 Bit] / 2000 / NT4 and Windows ME / 98SE / 98 / 95.

See Doro.ini in the install directory for automation. You can specify all settings and set auto-printing. These settings can also be setup in the registry.

Please note that the real work is done by ´GhostScript´. [Which will be also installed during setup] To prevent that small non-standard fonts are printed as bitmaps, reduce the ´Threshold to switch between downloading bitmap or outline fonts´ at Control Panel | Printers | Doro PDF Writer | Properties | Fonts | Send Fonts As... in some Windows versions.

For Windows 95A, you must install ´Windows Sockets 2.0´. You can download this from Microsoft. [Q182108]

FreewareFiles Clean Award FreewareFiles tested Doro PDF Writer 2.07 on 2016-02-22 using leading antivirus scanners and found it 100% Clean.

User Reviews
"Wrong version reported."

Reviewer: -Valcan    Review Date: 2016-01-16
Average Rating (19 Votes )
Pros:  Very nice software, fast and very easy to use.

Cons:  Version reported is incorrect: this is version 2.06 and not v. 2.09 as reported in Freeware Files and source editor pages.

Other Thoughts:  None
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