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Release Date:   2016-10-04  | Changelog

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Software Product Description

A large number of today's hottest games are visually impressive, boast captivating story lines, and take immersive gameplay to a new level. However, sometimes you just want to play retro games from back in the past, and there's no replacing the classics. The problem: many older titles aren't compatible with today's PCs. The solution is Free DOS Games. This software enables you to play retro games on your modern day computer, all without any hassles or compatibility issues.

The software is free to download and very easy to use. Free DOS Games can be used to find the old school games you want to play, and the program will store each title without putting any files on your hard disk. When you want to delete a game, simply click one button and it will be gone. In addition to providing a list of games and displaying the relevant information for each one, Free DOS Games automatically updates so you'll always have the latest version. If you've ever longed to play retro games again, download and try Free DOS Games.

What's New in version

  • Added the slogan to the top of the program.
  • Free Dos Games description in games description when starting program.
  • Fixed error message when you want to edit dosbox.conf.
  • Made a white background for editing dosbox.conf.
  • You can choose in setting if you want to play in fullscreen or not.
  • Added a button to see the game files in the 'Edit dosbox.conf' dialog.


Reviewer: -steff

Review Date: 2016-09-27

Pros: Ok if you like retro games. Brings back the good old days but dated ok if you like old school stuff. Be advised its DOS its slow. Still a good time waster. More games would be nice. Still nice to see DOS games easy to play on modern PC, software works well.

Cons: Just old slow and limited on graphics, still give it a go. Love it hate it up to you.

Other Thoughts: None


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