GraphicsJS v1.2.0      

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Release Date:   2017-03-10

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Software Product Description

If you would like to draw almost anything with relative ease, then try using GraphicsJS. You can use the JavaScript graphics library to create animated and interactive graphics that include a wide variety of visual effects. The software is ideal for handling different things like game design, charting and virtualization.

For instance, it can help you to easily visualize complex mathematical algorithms. The software works well with different mathematical functions, allowing you to draw almost anything, including Bezier curves.

In addition, the software incorporates such rich text features as multi-line texts and text measurement properties. It uses the smart layering system for layers and elements. It also supports z-index, which means you can re-arrange items dynamically when you want to change overlapping order instead of erasing everything and starting from scratch. The ability to arrange elements dynamically allows you to create graphics whose elements change at different moments.

You may use the provided transformations to rotate, scale or move either groups of elements or individual elements. You can even include the software into your web pages. You may draw complex shapes using the "path ()" method, and there are several other functions that you can use to perform different things like coloring.

Layers allow you to draw even more complex graphics, which may include shades and lights and other objects to draw pseudo 3-D images. A single 3-D picture may include different shapes. You can create layers as many times as you want. The layers do not have bounds and are transparent.

The program allows you to add labels, titles, comments and other types of text to your images. You can use Virtual (Document Object Model) DOM to make your drawings more manageable and robust.

Additionally, this download includes the following demos: Galaxy, Rain, Bender from Futurama, Bonfire, 15-Puzzle, and more.