Jardinains! v1.2      

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Release Date:   2005-11-09

Submit Date:   2005-11-09

OS:  Win 9x/ME/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

Jardinains! brings a new twist to an old classic. Break bricks, collect powerups, bounce gnomes, and dodge flowerpots in this addictive Breakout-style game. Version 1.2 includes four difficulty levels, continuations, a level editor, player-by-player statistics tracking, cheat codes, increasingly challenging gameplay, meddlesome garden gnomes, and 50 levels.

Jardinains! plays much like the arcade classic, with powerups and different types of bricks. However, the game adds little garden gnomes who throw plants that subtract points and freeze your paddle momentarily if they hit you. If you hit a gnome with the ball, he will fall with a scream. You can bounce him up just like the ball and double the points for each bounce. Controlling the ball and falling gnomes while avoiding flowerpots and catching bonuses adds up to quite a challenge. Are you up to it?


"I hate floer pots!"

Reviewer: -SL8ne

Review Date: 2010-12-14

Pros: Good graphics, fast game play, amusing sound effects.

Cons: The nains laughing at you when you die.

Other Thoughts: This is a great game! As you progress you face more and more flowerpots (that immobilize you) Some levels are easy, and some are real bears to try and survive. One of the things that is great about this game is the powerups. Balls that smash through anything, great balls of fire (pun intentional), and others make for a truy entertaining game. I've had this on my computer for over a year and still regularly play it.

But, be warned, after a time you'll find yourself wanting to take a ball pein hammer to every garden gnome you see!


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