Kaspersky Security Scan      

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Release Date:   2017-02-16

Submit Date:   2017-02-16

OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on February 16, 2017

It is recommended that every computer must have an effective antivirus that can protect against the ever increasing threats. Kaspersky Security Scan allows you to get a powerful but free virus scan that provides full security status reporting.

Using Kaspersky Security Scan

We downloaded the online installer that we used to directly install the free antivirus over the air. The program's graphical user interface featured a large button at the center for scanning computer with two smaller ones on both sides for scanning software and performing a custom scan respectively.

We started with the option to scan the computer, which we could perform by simply clicking the "Run" button or customizing configurations first. We chose to run a free virus scan without changing any settings for the first time.

The scanning window featured a progress bar in the middle, with scan percentage and number of files scanned displayed below the bar. It showed the number of problems found on the upper part of the interface, with a link that enabled us to view more information about the problems.

The list of problems displayed the problems and their respective descriptions, which included the potential threats that they posed. In addition to the problems, the software showed the kind of system protection that our system already had, which focused on antivirus software and firewall already installed.

A button on the upper right part of the scan results window let us find solutions to the problems while another one on the lower right part enabled us to re-check the list.

The "Settings" button on the lower part of the program window had three tabs respectively marked General, Scan and Proxy server. The General tab displayed information about our system, including the installed operating system, system type, CPU, installed memory, language and theme. A check box, which was already marked, let us choose whether we wanted to get Kaspersky Lab news.

The Scan tab let us choose whether to use deep scan level, enabled scheduled scans and let the program display scan results if any problems were detected during a scheduled scan. Scheduled scans run fortnightly but you can change the days that scans are run. If you connect to the internet via a proxy server, then you need to enter the connection settings for the antivirus to function properly.


Kaspersky Security Scan is a powerful antivirus program that enables you to perform a free virus scan. It provides useful information about the problems found, but you need to upgrade to fix them.

Software Product Description

A fast and free security scan for your PC to check for computer viruses with real-time results from recognized experts.


  • Quick scanning for viruses and other security threats.
  • Access to the latest, cloud-based security information.
  • Real-time results from recognized security experts.
  • Will not conflict with other antivirus software already on your PC.
  • Provides recommendations and suggestions on how to remedy security issues that have been identified with the scan.