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Reviewed on April 05, 2017

In many ways, real time strategy is a genre that's been vastly under-served over the last decade. As genres like Grand Strategy have become more popular, any RTS that doesn't end with 'Craft' has tended to be roundly ignored. One of the places where RTS has started to thrive, though, is on Steam. Because it's relatively easy to get a game listed on the store, there's a burgeoning indie scene there - and real time strategy has experienced something of a renaissance. One of the games that has done particularly well is Lambda Wars - a game that is particularly well-suited for Steam.

Well-Made and Fun to Play for Fans of Half-Life and RTS Games

Lambda Wars isn't an official Valve project, but it's the closest to a continuation of the Half-Life franchise that one is likely to see in the near future. Instead of placing players in the role of Gordon Freeman, players take the role of a Resistance Commander or a Combine overlord. Based on the Alien Swarm engine, this game is one of the several Valve-approved titles that players can download for free on the service. It's rare that a player who has enjoyed the Half-Life universe will want to skip a game like this, and the price point can't be beaten.

Even though Lambda Wars is, at its heart, just a total conversion mod, it's still a spectacularly well-made game for something in Early Access. All of the art assets are very well done, and the single-player mode is a great deal of fun to play through. It's great to see some classic Half-Life units in action once again, and this is likely the best chance for players to enter that universe again. The game is still evolving, so it's entirely possible that there's going to be much more added to flesh out both the game's world and its mechanics.

Early Access but Still Worth Playing

That's not to say the game is perfect, though. Updates are still few and far between and there's a lot of balancing left to be done. As with all Early Access games, the game still has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. If you understand that the game is in an unfinished state, you'll be able to enjoy it for what it is. If you can't stand playing a game that's entirely polished, though, you won't get much out of Lambda Wars. Lambda Wars is a great example of how different players get different things out of Early Access games.

So, is Lambda Wars worth playing? If you love Half-Life and RTS games, it's definitely worth the download. You may need to be patient with some of the bugs and some of the balance issues, but there's nothing in the game that's so broken that it isn't worth a try. Lambda Wars is a great example of what a talented team can do with time and the right assets, and hopefully something that's indicative of where Early Access is going. This game's worth a download if only to support the good ideas within the game.

Software Product Description

A free standalone multiplayer RTS Source Engine mod set in the Half-Life 2 universe.

Note: This game requires Steam and the download link redirects to the Steam download page.