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Release Date:   2014-08-18

Submit Date:   2014-08-21

OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

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Software Product Description

If you have handled scanned PDF files, then you know that they tend to be large. The large sizes can lead to various complications, especially if you want to share them online or use a device with limited memory. Since the files are prepared from images, using normal compression utilities barely reduces their sizes. What you really need is PDF Compressor.

The free Windows utility can help you compress PDF files by 23%. This is equivalent to reducing a file of 30 MB to 8 MB only. You can adjust the compression value depending on the quality of output you would like to get, which allows you to compress files by more than 90%. The program is user friendly and fast, and batch mode allows you to compress even hundreds of files simultaneously.

The software allows you to add either individual files or complete folders. Once you have added files, you may use default compression settings or change quality using either the DPI option or Compression Quality slider. Then simply click the 'Start' button. It is recommended that you set the compression quality to at least 75% and DPI to at least 120 to get good quality output.

You can save the compressed files in your desired folder or let PDF Compressor save them in the original folders containing the source documents.

The program supports restricted PDF files, where it automatically removes the restrictions.

Please note that PDF Compressor is specifically designed to reduce the sizes of scanned PDF files. If your document is not scanned, then you may not get as much compression as you expect. Another reason why you may not get a higher compression ratio is if you are trying to compress documents that have already been compressed.

This is a stand-alone program that does not need the installation of any other third-party software like Adobe Acrobat to function.