Responding Heads 4.0      

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Release Date:   2009-04-06

Submit Date:   2009-04-06

OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

Responding Heads enables you to launch programs, commands and actions via voice commands spoken into your PC microphone. The program uses the MS Speech recognition engine and is very easy to configure. It places a small animated head on your desktop that confirms that spoken commands and adds some animation to the process (this can be turned off).

Responding Heads supports program launching, e.g say `Open Mail` to run Outlook Express, as well as several system and keyboard commands, text-to-speech conversion, and even typing of pre-configured keystrokes. Responding Heads is very easy to set up.


"Pros, Cons, & Wishes"

Reviewer: -burkybang

Review Date: 2009-04-07

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Pros:
-Easily recognizes voice commands
-Customizable voice commands
-Runs scripts, opens shortcuts & programs, types, reads, speaks all by voice commands

-Sometimes if the slightest noise is made in the room, it triggers a command
-If I leave the room for a while, when I come back, I might have some programs running and some folders open that I didn't ask it to open

-hold a key down when you want to talk instead of always on


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