simpleLinux 1.10.10      

Size:   598.12MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2012-11-29

Submit Date:   2012-11-29

OS:  Linux Operating System

Downloads:   7531

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Software Product Description

simpleLinux GNU/Linux is created to make the next version of simpleLinux better and smoother. It is pre-installed with many applications in just a simple size.
  • No installations needed - You can have simpleLinux GNU/Linux running without having to install in on your computer.
  • Latest Applications - Includes applications to be used in daily tasks.
  • Stability - Enjoy having the latest drivers with high stability.
  • Educational Uses - Created for those who loves to customize and create new things.

simpleLinux is a Slackware distribution that comes in both Live CD or Persistence version that can be installed to a medium.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux comes to be a multi-tasking operating system that runs X Windows.