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Skype is free and simple software that enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world in only minutes. Skype uses innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you with other users. It is quick and easy to install and offers several features, including SkypeOut calling from Skype to regular and mobile phones worldwide, free conference calling, and secure file transferring. Skype calls have better sound quality than your regular phone and are highly secure, with end-to-end encryption.


  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls.
  • Call phones and mobiles, send SMS.
  • Free instant messaging.
  • Voicemail.
  • Free video call.
  • Forward calls to a phone when you're offline.

Note from FreewareFiles: The setup program includes a toolbar which does not have to be installed to use the software.

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"Mixed Reviews, Irritations"

Reviewer: -Anonymous Smith    Review Date: 2010-05-30
Average Rating (79 Votes )
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Other Thoughts:  It's really irratating when websites redirect to other sites based on server domain. I'm an American working temporarily in Germany. When I attempt to access the Skype USA website, I'm instantly redirected to the German website. Of course, I don't speak German. And, because of that, it took several minutes to find an option on that website to select another language or website. Others will face the exact same situation while traveling overseas for either business or pleasure.

Do the developers of these websites (which redirect) think we're too stupid to select the website we want? Most Europeans seem smart enough to select the website within their own country. Gee, for Germans, it's the one in German. If they choose not to, there's often a valid reason. Regardless, there are many millions, like myself, temporarily living and working in countries where the local language is not our own native languages. We need to be able to easily select websites within our own countries, which this redirect nonsense hinders.

Anyway, the Skype service is certainly extremely handy for those of us living overseas. Lacking more info, I decided not to update to this latest version until it's been out for a while (too many mixed reviews, bug reports, etc).
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