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Release Date:   2006-01-23

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Software Product Description

Xyzzy is a pronounceable password generator. It is useful for network or server administrators that find themselves creating new user accounts on a regular basis and need to come up with passwords for them.

The reasons to use a pronounceable password generator such as xyzzy are simply because passwords based on dictionary words are easy to crack by brute force methods, and passwords which are hard to remember usually need to be written down which makes them vulnerable to being found by prying eyes.

The passwords generated by xyzzy are easy to remember because they are pronounceable (usually) and are more secure because they are not dictionary words. Occasionally one will slip through, but this is very rare (usually about 1 in every 1000).

The algorithm used to create the passwords is based on work of several people. In simple terms, it uses the statistics of how often one letter appears next to another and generates passwords based on these trends. For example, if a password contains the letter 'Q', then it is very likely that it will also contain a 'U' right beside it, because this is almost always the case in real words.

For added fun, try to think of definitions for the words that xyzzy generates.


"A very useful tool"

Reviewer: -MH

Review Date: 2006-03-22

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Other Thoughts: Have been using XYZZY for some months, trying to encourage users to choose more secure passwords. These pronounceable passwords really are easy to remember and a lot more secure than what folk would normally choose.


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