"Increasing bloat..."
by: James
Mozilla Firefox 42.0

Still usable

Getting (slightly) fatter/slower/RAM hungry with each release

Other Thoughts:
I just wanted to make a chart to show the ever increasing bloat in Firefox.

It is predicted (bottom of chart) that at current rate, Firefox will meet or exceed 1,000mb (1GB) for download sized by year 2,140 (based on current rate of 8 major version numbers per year)

Note: Installed/extracted Firefox tends to be 2x larger, so expect installed size to be 2,000+mb (2+GB) by year 2,140...

What is REALLY horrifying to me, is HOW MUCH BLOAT do you NEED to just open a simple text based HTML page?
Back in Firefox 2 days, I had an older dual core P4 with 3.5GB RAM that I opened 1,611 pages on!
Sure, it slowed down somewhat, but I could have opened even more tabs!

Now, I find even with a modern QUAD core i3 with 1.8GB video RAM & 4GB system RAM & Windows 8.1, it is all I can do to open more than 50 tabs before the computer almost stalls to a complete halt.

1 tab in Firefox 42 uses 285mb, & 2 tabs = 300!!!

Something needs to be done to reign in this monstrosity, before it becomes impossible to use!!!!

I know some say, oh, but Firefox is still fast! Yes, it appears to do ok, I mean, if you only open 1 to 5 tabs!

But power users who are used to opening hundreds of tabs are CRIPPLED!!!

Bring back the bloat-free days, please!!!!

Do we really need hundreds of MB just to surf the web?
Firfox 42 is listed as 41.1mb download, but my install folder shows 85+ mb (not including additional Firefox folders such as Maintenance)

This whole bloatware thing is running out of control!

85+ mb just to surf the web? Won't be long before it's 200+mb, or 300, or 400, or 500, or 2+GB!!!

Is anyone listening? Do we NEED hundreds of MB of web browser just to display a simple "Hello World" HTML page?

Notepad takes far less RAM!!! Do we have to start surfing with a modified Notepad browser, just to get rid of increasing bloat?
Firefox 1.0 (2004, 4.69mb)
Firefox 1.5 (2005, 4.98mb) > 5mb
Firefox 2.0 (2006, 5.63mb)
Firefox 3.0 (2008, 7.15mb)
Firefox 4.0 (2011, 12.0mb) > 12mb
Firefox 5.0 (2011, 13.0mb)
Firefox 6.0 (2011, 13.3mb)
Firefox 7.0 (2011, 13.4mb)
Firefox 8.0 (2011, 14.0mb)
Firefox 9.0 (2011, 14.6mb)
Firefox 10.0 (2012, 15.1mb) > 15mb
Firefox 11.0 (2012, 15.4mb)
Firefox 12.0 (2012, 15.6mb)
Firefox 13.0 (2012, 15.8mb)
Firefox 14.0 (2012, 16.0mb)
Firefox 15.0 (2012, 16.9mb)
Firefox 16.0 (2012, 17.3mb)
Firefox 17.0 (2012, 18.4mb)
Firefox 18.0 (2013, 19.3mb)
Firefox 19.0 (2013, 19.6mb)
Firefox 20.0 (2013, 20.0mb) > 20mb
Firefox 21.0 (2013, 20.3mb)
Firefox 22.0 (2013, 20.8mb)
Firefox 23.0 (2013, 21.3mb)
Firefox 24.0 (2013, 21.6mb)
Firefox 25.0 (2013, 22.2mb)
Firefox 26.0 (2013, 22.9mb)
Firefox 27.0 (2014, 23.5mb)
Firefox 28.0 (2014, 24.0mb) > 24mb
Firefox 29.0 (2014, 27.6mb)
Firefox 30.0 (2014, 28.4mb)
Firefox 31.0 (2014, 30.7mb) > 30mb
Firefox 32.0 (2014, 33.6mb)
Firefox 33.0 (2014, 34.7mb) > 35mb
Firefox 34.0 (2014, 37.7mb)
Firefox 35.0 (2015, 38.0mb)
Firefox 36.0 (2015, 39.1mb)
Firefox 37.0 (2015, 39.0mb)
Firefox 38.0 (2015, 37.7mb)
Firefox 39.0 (2015, 39.2mb)
Firefox 40.0 (2015, 40.0mb) > 40mb
Firefox 41.0 (2015, 40.7mb)
Firefox 42.0 (2015, 41.1mb)
Future? Firefox 1,000 (2140, 1,000+mb)
(Based on 8 major versions per year)

2,000+mb extracted/installed
(Based on 2x larger on average installation size vs downloaded size)

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"Fast, secure, customizable"
by: Baloney
Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1

Always on the leading edge of Web technologies, fast and reliable, customizable, EASY access to settings.

pros sometimes lead to cons, in this case major updates sometimes break old extensions, but that's the lot of progress.

Other Thoughts:
Always surprised to hear, read comments which seem to mistake a personal experience with reality : no problems for 99% of users so for those who encounter an issue, what about if they started wondering if the problem could not be their computer and/or their settings and/or their Firefox messed-up configuration? I run this browser since ever, 70 add-ons, speed and security as surfing companions.

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"So slow I can't do anything."
by: Tana
Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2

Still pretty and customisable.

I get the circle timer thing trying to type one sentence, or scroll down a single page. I used to be able to open 10+ tabs if I wanted to. Firefox has given me the stop and wait/not responding thing 8 times just typing this paragraph.

Other Thoughts:
They need to stop saying 40 is faster than the 30s versions because it's not. If I can port all my organisational preferences over, I'm going to Seamonkey.

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"I don't want to have to be an expert in Firefox to use Firefox"
by: I.A. Watson
Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2

Still offers a reasonable tabbed browsing experience. Still supported by many useful, flexible add-ons.

Bloated additional core functions that I will never use. More crashes with 40.0 onward. Ridiculously large memory usage in excess of 1.5gb at some points.

Other Thoughts:

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"No Longer Fun"
by: ThisBoy
Mozilla Firefox 40.0

Used FF since it's earliest version. FF 39.x was fast and light weight. Easy on the CPU and rarely crashed.

With the latest beta versions from FF 40.x many add ons no longer work. Add ons are a great way to see the Net the way we want to see it. I also had 14 FF crashes yesterday using the latest version.

Other Thoughts:
Whatever happened with the open source developers at Mozilla is a mystery. Recommend you do not update to the latest versions if you have 35.x to 39.x installed.

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by: John
Mozilla Firefox 40.0 Beta 4 / 39.0



Other Thoughts:
Latest Firefox versions have many problems that make it hard to enjoy.

1)Automatic Cleanup: Prompts users to clean up their profile, after a predetermined time. Newbie users will lose all plugins, settings, & themes. Only the bookmarks & saved passwords are kept. Users have no options to disable these annoying prompts from appearing. There should be an option to disable this, or it should be disabled by DEFAULT!!!

2) Bloatware: Newer versions ship with all kinds of social media, worthless plugins, & other things that keep making Firefox get bigger & bigger. While being touted as features, I find it unlikely that all but a very small percentage of people would use baked in "pillbox", or other bloatware. The only reason I use Firefox, is hoping it will be slimmer & faster than the competition. Not happy with how things are proceeding. ALL extensions should be optional. Not MANDATORY!!! .

3) Mandatory HTML5 Video: While there are options such as using older browsers or disabling WEBM in about:config, this is NOT exactly a good solution for most people. People should have a chance to use Flash if they want, & disabling the "Always Activate" option to kill flash in the newest versions of flash isn't a good option. Flash uses tremendously fewer CPU cycles, particularly on older hardware. HTML5 is much slower than flash, stutters at times, & will open the gateway to embedded HTML5 advertisements to blanket the screen. At least with flash ads, people have a chance (to block some of them). But what about HTML5? It is a problem for everyone, from increased hardware usage, to forcing people with slower machines to upgrade because they cannot understand why their video is running so slowly, to generating the perfect advertising spams. Come on! I know security is important, but when security turns your machine into a brick you can't use, it's worthless!!! This IS the way things seem to be heading. Secure brick over usability. NOT good! HTML5 should be DISABLED by default, or the user should be presented with an option to easily flip between flash or HTML5 on any webpage.

4) Internet Settings: By default, Firefox ALWAYS selects: Auto-detect proxy settings for this network under "Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet" options. It SHOULD be No Proxy by default instead. I cannot say how irritating this is to have to manually change this on each brand new install.

5) Profile Management: While there is a way to export Firefox saved bookmarks/passwords/extensions via 3rd party utilities, it would be nice to have a simplified interface under the settings box to backup/restore these settings without having to resort to 3rd party utilities or backing up the entire profile in the appdata folder. Most newbie users have no idea where these settings are. And backing up the entire profile causes users to tote around lots of files they really don't need. There should be a more well defined backup option. Sure, users can export or import bookmarks, but they need the ability to also backup/restore the saved passwords & extensions.

Firefox has the opportunity to shape up.

By listening to users & implementing these fixes, it can go a lot further, a lot faster!!!

Developers? Hope your listening! Let's bring the Fire back in FireFox!!!

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"To Bad"
by: cbour
Mozilla Firefox 39.0 RC 6 / 38.0.6



Other Thoughts:
If you want a fast browser that does what google and firefox can't try Slimjet which is much better than both and is more custimisablr

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"I dumped Chrome and SRWare Iron!"
by: other human
Mozilla Firefox 38.0.1

On my Win8.1 desktop, Firefox is faster and much more stable than any Chrome-based web browser.

Chrome will not support most Flash content from version 42 and beyond.

Other Thoughts:
If you want to continue to curse at your monitor screen, please follow Steven's bad advise and continue to use Chrome ver. 42 and later. If you need a great web browser that has the large Mozilla support, switch to the latest version of Firefox. I use the version of Firefox and I love it! With help from Ghostery, WOT, BitDefender TrafficLight, Avast Online Security, Blur, Adblock Plus, BetterPrivacy, BrowserProtect add-ons, I'm more comfortable browsing the web.

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"Good, but needs work"
by: Steven
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

Smoother youtube videos than Chrome

Nearly everything else.

Other Thoughts:
After extensively testing around 30 different web browsers, I have had to come to the conclusion that if you want a web browser that just works, and it works fast right out of the box, better use Chrome.

Many PC's have no 3D while using Firefox, because of their driver blacklist.

Chrome on the same machines, may do 60 fps vs 5 fps on MS fishbowl test.

Chrome also has Firefox beat on the MS Maze solver. 24 seconds vs 104 for Firefox.

If your using any kind of netbook, laptop, desktop, chances are that Chrome will work faster than Firefox. A LOT faster. Because the only 3D that works on your box, is the machines that Firefox decides you have a 3D they will allow. They have a wiki about their driver blacklist.

If you don't want to waste time on the web, get Chrome. Don't waste time with Firefox. I would recommend Firefox, if they fix their 3D, but I have seen so many machines with no 3D support, and all because Firefox decides who will have it on their machine via driver blacklist.

The difference is like night and day. And it isn't just 3D.

Chrome is also sometimes 4x to 10x faster than Firefox on CSS3 or other variables on the web.

About the only test Firefox wins on the machines I tried, is having prettier video playback. But not by much.

Chrome is close. It still looks good.

I would have to say that Chrome is the best browser to use, because out of the box, all the settings just work. Out of the box, it is fast. The interface has been tweaked to as simple as possible without leaving out important things.

If you have a netbook, low-powered laptop, slow running PC, I challenge you to try Chrome vs Firefox & be amazed.

The reason I tested so much, is I wanted to see what browser is the fastest because I have a netbook that would slow down when I am using Facebook to talk to someone.

It would also sometimes happen that I type about a paragraph ahead of Firefox's ability to keep up with me & I would have to stop and wait.

Laggy. Sometimes Firefox would do ok on Facebook, but sometimes it would lag. Now, when I tried with Chrome, I never have this problem.

It keeps up. It works. Like it is supposed to. Everything works. 3D works. I can type as fast as I want to. No lag.

There was 1 browser faster than Chrome. Opera. But it was only 1 second faster on the MS Maze Solver at 23 seconds, instead of 24 like Chrome. But it uses the same engine as Chrome, and overall, Chrome is just tweaked for most optimum performance.

So, I scrapped Opera for Chrome.

Want speed? Chrome.
Want experience on facebook? Chrome.
Want pretty videos? Firefox.

To speed up Chrome even further, download Ad Block Plus plugin for Chrome, and also add Ghostery.

In Ghostery options, select for it to automatically block everything. Trackers, Advertisements, Web Beacons, and 2 other types. Click save.

Your web-pages will load faster, and prettier without all the ad/spam/garbage.

Some web pages load up to 19 different trackers/web beacons/etc!!!

If your having trouble with speed, get Chrome. It definitely is noticeable on low-end/low-powered laptops, netbooks, and computers. And if you want to speed up your existing computers, get Chrome.

I tested Firefox on a PC where Firefox supported 3D, and guess who won? Chrome!

1,000 fish in the MS Fish Bowl test. Chrome stayed at 60 fps. Firefox started about 30 or 40, then dropped to 9 fps.

Bad. Really bad.

I am disappointed in Firefox. They need to catch up with the competition.

The thing is, I WANT Firefox to be fast! I want them to win! But, I honestly cannot recommend Firefox for speed when Chrome has repeatedly proved across hundreds of machines, that it speeds up your web browsing experience by being anywhere from 4x to 15x faster.

It is hard to believe. I didn't want to believe it. But, it's true. Chrome is just about the fastest browser you can get, on the planet.

Before, when I used Firefox, I was always trying to tweak my netbook, make it faster, but now, I don't have to do a thing. It is amazing how much different Chrome has made on my machine.

I didn't believe it, but I tested about 30 browsers in all, the latest 2015 versions of them all.

And Chrome came out on top.

You want to go faster on a netbook, underpowered pc, you can't go faster than Chrome. I tried it out. Chrome wins.

Chrome may start slower than Firefox, but once it loads, it is way faster.

Just remember 3 things...

Ad Block Plus

Hope this helps someone else!

And, please, Firefox Developers, if you are reading this, I really hope you can find out why Firefox is so much slower than Chrome.

There are some things I like about Firefox, but no 3D is a no/no to me. I want the option to choose.

Being 4x to 15x slower than Chrome doesn't help. Fix this, please!!!

Thank you, have a great day!!!

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"I never thought I would say this, but..."
by: Jay
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

Smoother youtube videos than Chrome or Opera.

Chrome is almost 2x faster!!!

Other Thoughts:
There are problems with Firefox!

1) 3D - No 3D on netbooks.

(Firefox decides who gets to use 3D based on a blacklist. This strips control from users, while they promote it heavily as the browser that is for you, and they do not allow you to enable either, through config settings. Chrome gets 60 fps MS fishbowl for 10 fish, while Firefox gets 4 fps because they decided to disable 3D).

2) Chrome is over 4x faster on many areas, than Firefox. MS Maze Solver challenge, Chrome completes it on my netbook in 24 seconds, while Firefox does it in 104 & IE 10 in 164).

3) Annoying prompts. Firefox annoys you with all kinds of nearly malware type loss of control, including:

A) Would you like to take a tour of the new features of Firefox?

B) Click here to control what information is sent back to Firefox (even after disabling everything)

C) Looks like Firefox was a little slow starting. Care to refresh there, buddy?


Firefox has good video quality, but needs to reign in the error messages, slow browser prompts, tour offers, and allow users option to install a lean, clean, lite version of Firefox, before they begin to lose users.

I used to love Firefox, before it became a nagger all the time. Now, it's hard to do anything without Firefox prompting you to do this or that, or trying to tell you what you should do and when you should do it.

I hate to say it, but I have started to use Chrome lately, because it is over 4x faster on css3, 15x faster on 3D, and facebook messenger does NOT lag as much when I am talking to someone.

On Firefox, it sometimes slows down, causing me to be typing faster than it can keep up, while the same thing I can type full speed and Chrome has no trouble keeping up at all.

More recent versions of Firefox have gotten better with speed, but the nags are seriously worrisome, & it still lags somewhat on Facebook, & there is still NO 3D support on my netbook.

If Firefox can fix the lack of 3D, improve the CSS3 performance, & improve the speed of the browser in general, I would love to use it as the main browser.

But I can't. Right now, it's broken, & I do not know how to fix it.

Chrome works fine, why can't Firefox?

Firefox does play YouTube videos smoother than Chrome, but everything else Chrome seems to win at.

Please, give me my browser back!

I just want a Firefox that is fast, does not nag me everytime I do something, & that gives a user the choice in whether I want 3D enabled!!!

Both IE10 & Chrome have no problem with 3D on my netbook, why should Firefox?

4FPS Firefox vs 60 FPS Chrome is pathetic!!!


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"Works good on high end machines"
by: Hansel
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

Other Thoughts:
Firefox = Great on new laptops/pc with new 3D hardware.

People on low speed netbooks sometimes have to suffer, especially if they happen to have (like me) a baked in integrated graphics.

I tried many things, including editing strings to get Firefox to force 3D, but never got it working on my machine, while newer devices have it and work great.

After I read about Firefox blacklisting older hardware (supposedly for safety reasons, but Chrome & even Internet Explorer work fine & have been for years with no problem WITH 3D).

This greatly disappointed me, because Firefox bills itself as a browser that is all about choice, not about restrictions. I own my 3D, shouldn't I have a say in whether it gets enabled, rather than blanket everyone in a restriction on 3D?

This has persisted across multiple OS versions, & multiple Firefox versions.

So, I began to try things to make my netbook faster & also see which web browser is the fastest to use on my netbook.

Before we begin, I will list the specs on my netbook so, so if someone else also has a netbook that they were originally going to trash/give away/discard, they may have inspiration to give them a new life.

Netbook specs: Acer D260/1GB RAM/160 GB HDD/Dual Core Atom 1.66 GHZ chip with 512 kb cache/Ports: 3 USB, 1 VGA out, 1 card reader, 1 mic out, 1 audio out, 1 Ethernet + wifi + bluetooth.

Problems I have not found a suitable solution to:

Noticed netbook has trouble with WPA WiFi. No problem connecting, but runs REALLY slow. WEP runs fine. Tried many things, including changing OS. XP, 7, 8, Linux distros... same thing. Tried BIOS update. Same thing. Tried different brands WiFi routers. Same thing. Probably would work with nano WiFi receiver inserted. But just use WEP for now. Or Ethernet.

Now that we know the hardware, here are things I did to speed up the netbook. Browsers tested will be listed below this, so keep reading.

1) Upgraded HDD to SSD drive.
2) Upgraded from Windows 7 to 8.
3) Disabled visual effects, things that write to SSD, unneeded programs & services, etc.

Ok, so I only used XP on HDD. But when I tried it out, it was slower booting & shutting down than Windows 7. XP does not support TRIM, so since Windows 7 is the 1st OS to support trim, I dropped XP & went to 7. 7 is faster on a netbook, anyway.

So, I tested startup on SSD with clean Windows 7 installed. Nothing else. No startup items, antivirus, but only the drivers I needed to make everything work properly.

I left Hibernate on, since Windows 8 uses it differently than Windows 7, to achieve a faster boot.

Boot times -> 7=80 seconds, from power-on, to usable wifi on SSD. Shutdown = 14 seconds.

Windows 8 booted in 21 seconds, to usable wifi, & shutdown in 9 seconds.

So, I used 8.

I thought about Linux, but not sure which are the lightest, or which versions are SSD aware.

I hated the Metro on 8, so I uninstalled all the tiles, except for desktop tile. This prevents them loading information in the background and wasting bandwidth.

I disabled all possible things, including error reporting, system restore, visual effects, windows updates. Many viruses come from IE because it uses Active-X technology. Next time your looking at updates, notice how many patches are either for IE, or for things IE uses. I have had no problems using Firefox, but I wanted to see what is best for speed on this little netbook.

I tested & eliminated the following browsers because of compatibility, performance, or crash issues:

- Apple Safari
- Browzar
- Chromium
- Chrome Canary
- Comodo Dragon
- Comodo Ice Dragon
- Cyberfox
- Flock
- Light
- Maxthon
- Maxthon Cloud
- Midori
- Netscape Navigator
- Pale Moon
- Slim Browser
- Slim Boat
- Slimjet 3
- SWare Iron

Some were eliminated because they were slow. Some were eliminated because (Midori) wouldn't load at all, so I tried to cheat by making a shortcut to a website such as & drag onto it in case the homepage it was loading was at fault, but it still crashed. Tried compatibility with 7 & also XP mode, but still crashed. Beautiful screenshots, but cannot use. Trashed. SWare Iron, Canary, & Chromium had various problems from incorrectly using 3D, to being very similar to Chrome (why not use Chrome instead) etc.

Apple Safari & some others were either hhopelessly left behind, or no longer being developed...

So, testing left me with the big 4...

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Opera.

Out of those, I tried 6 different websites, designed to test the multimedia handling capability & page load speed, as well as accuracy & 3D (Important! On a Netbook!!! Because, I DO want it to go fast! hahahaha!

I tried:

- AOL News
- MSN News
- Yahoo News
- MS CSS Maze Solver
- MS Fishbowl test
- Youtube

Internet Explorer 10 is a good bit faster than IE9, but what I began to notice, is each browser had it's strengths. Meaning, some were slow on some tests, but flew on others.

- Startup: IE10 loaded in 5 seconds. Most others, like Firefox in 9, Chrome in 12, or Opera in 27 seconds. Reloading a webpage a second time would usually shave a few seconds off, but first time web load page is important to me. Internet Explorer 10 was easily the winner here.

- Maze Solver - Opera won this one by miles over Internet Explorer. 23 seconds to complete for Opera, vs 179 for IE10. Chrome was right behind Opera at 24 seconds, since Opera uses Chrome rendering engine on newer versions
- Fishbowl - Chrome won at 60 fps for 10 fish rendered correctly. Internet Explorer 10 was second at 35 fps for 10 fish. Moving beyond 10 fish made Chrome drop fps, so I stopped the test for Chrome there. Others, such as Opera, managed 9 fps for 10 fish while Firefox came in dead last (not supporting 3D on my netbook) at 4 fps.

- Page load time - Heavy news sites, IE10 easily won this at 5 or 6 seconds vs most others at 17 to 30 seconds on average

- Video smoothness - IE10 & Firefox were smooth on video playback. Chrome & Opera both displayed blockiness in videos. Expected, since Opera uses Chromes render engine.

Since the scores were practically the same for Opera vs Chrome, & no real value, & Chrome is simpler to use, I eliminated Opera.

Firefox, since it has no 3D, I eliminated it also.


- Internet Explorer - Best for watching videos, surfing the web quickly, & loading complex pages fast.
- Chrome - Best for playing games, or when your looking speed in other areas.

Other things I did that helped, are:

1) Installed adblock on IE & Chrome
2) I hated metro, so I installed ExForW8, which allowed me to use my Windows 7 shell in Windows 8, which gave me the exact Start Menu that Windows 7 uses. You will need to import 32 bit 7 for 32 bit 8, & 64 bit 7 for 64 bit 8, etc.

I tried to do the same in Windows 8.1 on my new Dell, but Win 8.1 won't allow it, not even under compatibility mode for 8 settings.

So, I installed Classic Shell to give to me the start menu, then opened settings for Windows 8/show all settings/& selected for it to boot straight to desktop, skip Metro, & block all metro corners from popping up.

Ex7ForW8 is nice. Metro never even loads. Classic Shell does ok, and I may not see the metro blink in the background with the high speed of my new device, but I sure would love to see it NEVER load!

I tried 8 on my 8.1, but it only sort of worked, with a device having a yellow exclamation point, then 2 after while. It truly is a windows 8.1 only device, with no windows drivers for any other os, and using double driver, or trying to make drivers work any other way under any other os will result in system instability. Dell only has Windows 8.1 drivers on their site.


At least, classic shell helps me retain my sanity!!! I use Firefox on it.

But, at least you people know what to do now if you have a netbook. Hope I helped you!!!


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"Top features Firefox should have"
by: James
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

Good browser, but I it can be improved. See below.

Other Thoughts:
1)Graphic EQ - Make Youtube sound great! At least a 10 band EQ for controlling treble & bass options?

2)Mini-mode - Maximize small screen viewability on small tablets, laptops, screens...

3)EZ Disable - Checkmarks to disable flash, java, images, video, plugins, html5, pdf reader, social plugins, just about everything that can be disabled for low spec systems, or for max speed

4)Perfect the preconfigured options - No extra bookmarks, default to no proxy instead of proxy under network settings, no nagging take a tour screens, help me, or data logging by default, no prompts to cleanup "slow" profile or profile that has not been used in a long time, please?

5)Simple Mode - For users that want it as simple as possible, mode with just forward & back navigation buttons, web address bar, & options, please?

I think these will make firefox much better!!!

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by: Delsee
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.1

101 Problem; how to resolve it?

Other Thoughts:

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"Good, but..."
by: John
Mozilla Firefox 37.0 Beta 2 / 36.0


Other Thoughts:
There are a few things firefox could add to improve things. Under Windows XP, you could have awesome treble/bass controls with a Creative sound card.

Windows Vista, 7, & 8 simplified the controls to the point they virtually have 0 control. Volume up, volume down, balance, you have to look for balance.

XP had it right the first time.

You can adjust audio on media player, but that never applies to youtube videos under vista/7/8.

I certainly wish Firefox had a good EQ (Equalizer) built in, that we could adjust audio for videos on webpages. Particularly youtube. Enable us to enable theater quality sound. YEAH!!!!

Sometimes, slower systems have trouble with all the features in Firefox, or RAM limited machines.

How about putting a simple checkmark box control panel in Firefox where we can checkmark what we want to disable, especially on older machines?

For instance:

- Chat function
- Social functions
- Any other function that is added to firefox that is not needed to surf the web.

I am not saying remove those features, but it would be nice to be able to disable them for older systems.

What would it be like on older systems if you were able to disable everything you didn't need?

I hear that Pale moon is up to 25% faster, and I tested on a friends box that had XP & 1 GB ram, and it is true.

If Firefox could add a graphical EQ for audio, plus a way to disable all they disable in Pale Moon & more, that would be AWESOME!!!


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"Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1"
by: Kanika
Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1

Nice browser with good User Interface and still works for the most part.

No longer has a search field! I went through all settings, I even changed skins no luck the space is there, but no search field.

Other Thoughts:
Mozilla web browser is a free software community best known for producing the Firefox web browser. Default network settings on clean install is proxy. It is supposed to be no proxy. No way to disable the "It looks like you have not been using Firefox for a while. Would you like to clean up your profile" prompt. Don't even think about changing your system clock forward a few months while testing other things. Uncheck all the information firefox can share under Options/Data Choices tab. Yes, Firefox sometimes tells you anyway, that it shares information, click here to see what kind of information it shares. You click, but it just brings up the tab & they are already unchecked.

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