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"@ A.F. Rossi - Adjust Address Bar / Search Bar"

by: Admin

Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 / 52.0 Beta 4


Other Thoughts:

Position your mouse between the address bar and the search bar. The mouse cursor will change into double arrows. Simply click and slide in either direction to adjust the width of the address bar/search bar.

"Address bar"

by: A.F. Rossi

Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 / 52.0 Beta 4



I love all the features of Mozilla Firefox.


The address bar only, not the search bar, has narrowed to about a eighth of an inch.

Other Thoughts:

How do I fix this.

"Version 49"

by: John Sellers

Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2 / 50.0 Beta 10



Still very customizable as always. Displays most webpages just fine. Saves passwords.


Not very speedy compared to other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Doesn't use Windows' built-in Flash Player, but instead requires the user to download and install the Flash Player from to play Flash content.

Other Thoughts:

Despite a few drawbacks, it's still a pretty good browser.


by: Ann

Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2



Cannot access sites that I commonly use, I've been trying to fix the problem for 3 days. I'm done.


Security is one thing, but when you can't access websites that you use daily something's got to give. In this case I'm giving Firefox the boot.

Other Thoughts:

My security package said Chrome is not secure but what is the use of a browser that is secure if it won't work. NONE.

"Cannot believe how fast Firefox is dying..."

by: Jackie

Mozilla Firefox 45.0.2



Still supports AdBlockPlus


1) Getting more bloated on each release 2) Getting slower each bloatware release 3) GPU blocklist = no 3D on some PC's 4) They keep adding worthless junk to the menu such as Pillbox online backup & other useless, worthless clutter that are totally impossible to remove & do nothing whatsoever to improve the speed or stability of Firefox but only bring the bloatware to an all time high while slowing Firefox down like a dog.

Other Thoughts:

Out of all the browsers I tested, & I tested about 50+, Chrome is about the fastest you can get.

If you want speed, stay away from Firefox & get Chrome.

Especially if you have an older machine like a netbook.

Firefox has a 3D blocklist that kills 3D dead on the machines that they blacklist the GPU on.

They don't just do that on older GPU devices either! They also force you to have the latest GPU driver possible for your machine in order to properly support 3D, else they disable 3D.

How to tell your 3D is disabled:

Games are laggy, slow, don't work right. Or, go to Firefox menu button (usually on the far right top, the 3 horizontal bars stacked on top of each other). If you have trouble finding it, it is the button that when you hover over with your mouse, it says Open Menu. Then, click the ? button, troubleshooting information, look under Graphics section, then look for Direct2D Enabled & also DirectWrite Enabled. They should be true. If it is disabled, Firefox did that. GPU Accelerated Windows should say 1/1 or something. If it is false or disabled, yep! Firefox did that.

Guess what?

Chrome works on netbooks & older machines, & where Firefox gets a very poor 1-5 FPS, Chrome gets 30-60 FPS & works great!

Chrome feels around 4x faster on older machines, to tell you the truth!

And, if you are on Facebook on a netbook with Firefox, Firefox will lag & you have to wait while your messages stack on top of each other if you are a fast typer.

Chrome? It keeps up without any trouble, for the most part. Yay!

If Chrome can do this, why can't Firefox?

You know what is so bad?

Firefox claims to be championing user rights, claims to be for user choice, claims to be representing the people, offering greater flexibility than the other browsers.

Well, guess what?

It doesn't!

Can't believe I am saying this, but try it yourself! Get you an older machine, & try both Chrome & Firefox. Yep, Firefox is creamed by Chrome.

Wish the developers would see this comment, read this comment, & at least allow people to override the GPU block. I mean, hey! They claim to offer user choice.

Ummm... Where?

All I see is a blocked GPU that I cannot even use because Firefox decided to become a nanny that controls what I can or cannot do, on my own machine.

Come one, please!

Do developers listen to users any more?

If they do, someone let em know, they need to bring user choice back & at least allow experienced users the capability to override 3D blocklist because otherwise, I will use Chrome or whatever browser allows me to use the 3D.

Chrome (with 3D) is around 30x faster than Firefox (without 3D) & even on modern hardware, Chrome bested Firefox in HTML5 as well as being up to 2x faster than 3D even WITH 3D enabled.

Why would I want a slow browser?

Why, why, why?

Someone needs to tell them how to create a small, fast, unbloated browser that actually can be used & doesn't try to be a nanny that tells users what they can or cannot do on their own machine.

I tried to like Firefox, I really did.

But it just gets slower with each release, & there is nothing you can do to get around their blocklist (I tried).

Bye bye, Firefox!
Hello, Chrome!

My new favorite browser.

And... It's faster, too!

by: Gord

Mozilla Firefox 45.0



No Comment


This program was ONCE a great browser and unfortunately it is going downhill fast. The higher the version number the more problems with it. v45 constantly crashes so I removed it permanently and now use Cyberfox 45 64-Bit, which is AWESOME!!!!

Other Thoughts:


"101 Error"

by: Delsee

Mozilla Firefox 45.0



Repeat-I am still awaiting solution to my following problem: I cannot use the new versions which are not working due 101 error. I could not figure out how to get rid of this error. Any thought?, please, and thanks

Other Thoughts:



by: Riazul

Mozilla Firefox 44.0.1



This amazing browser Allows the audio part of video files to keep playing, even if the browser is minimized, or the screen turn off (both Windows & Android Operating systems).Its really helpful for developing purpuses


Some times it got hanged

Other Thoughts:

More of it

"Mozilla Firefox 44.0 - ok (2nd best)"

by: Greg Zeng

Mozilla Firefox 45.0 Beta 3 / 44.0



Registered users like myself have auto-installed my favorite set of add-ons, soon after installation. Allows the audio part of video files (Youtube) to keep playing, even if the browser is minimized, or the screen turn off (both Windows & Android Operating systems).


Cannot save many file types into the one selected folder. E.G. saving the latest Firefox setup file, & its html description file, into the correct web-browser folder on my computer systems.

Other Thoughts:

Opera web browser does this everytime - Linux & Windows.

"101 Error"

by: Delsee

Mozilla Firefox 44.0


Other Thoughts:

I cannot use the new versions which are not working due 101 error. I could not figure out how to get rid of this error. Any thought?, please, and thanks.

"Not bad!"

by: Gerry

Mozilla Firefox 44.0 RC 2 / 43.0.4



User customizations, which have always made Firefox so flexible, are still possible. Also, I'm seeing great performance as far as speed is concerned, and stability as well. The memory leaks I found in an earlier version haven't shown up in 43.0.4. So far I haven't encountered any difficulties in handling the sites I visit regularly.


Some of the UI changes are a bit disconcerting. The first thing I noticed was that the buttons on the bookmarks toolbar were displayed at the very bottom of the toolbar, which had a very large top margin, but I eventually fixed that by editing userChrome.css, which has always helped me tweak the UI in the past.

Other Thoughts:

Some extensions may cause Firefox to start up a bit more slowly, particularly Adblock Plus. At any rate, in a much earlier review I stated that I was happy with my very old version of Firefox and was refusing to upgrade it. Now I have to take that back!

"compatability problems"

by: RJ

Mozilla Firefox 44.0 Beta 7 / 43.0.4



easy to find addons, nice layout, good options menu


hard to troubleshoot, compatibility problems

Other Thoughts:

version 44 not compatible with vista x64
for no reason that i can think of

also neither is 43.0.4, so i'm stuck on 43.0.3 and it keeps asking me to update which is annoying

"Marching Backwards"

by: MickinMD

Mozilla Firefox 43.0.1



Unmatched Bookmarks toolbar with folders for RSS news feeds, etc. Excellent choice of addons and adjustments


Getting more and more complicated and slow to use. Flash often hangs or doesn't want to start loading in a video.

Other Thoughts:

It seems that every update recently has fixed things that didn't need fixing and replaced them with less user-friendly stuff. So many of us would stop using Firefox if it wasn't for the "Classic Theme Restorer" addon. The newer versions of Firefox removed the choice of putting the tab bar just above the main window, removed the ID of the current searcher in the search box while replacing the simple drop-down list to easily switch between searchers/dictionary/etc. with a less user-friendly box, and has made many key addons no longer workable under standard settings - like the Garmin Communicator and the Google Advertising Cookie Opt-Out.

"no consistency from one version to the next."

by: stuart

Mozilla Firefox 43.0 RC 1 / 42.0



It's free, has a army of addons, can be customized to death, Open Source.


Performance can drastically change between versions, too many updates, each new version is more bloated, still has memory leaks, latest version often freezes and simply won't connect to many sites, flash plugin crashes all the time, takes time to load, sometimes doesn't close correctly.

Other Thoughts:

I really have a love/hate relationship with Firefox and for a year or so I switched away from Firefox after my patience finally snapped. This gave me zero pleasure as I was a Firefox fan for many years and I tried to remain loyal but the issues just kept stacking up.

I decided to give it another chance as a friend had told me that the last few versions have been pretty solid. To be fair it did seem at first like Mozilla had finally listened to users and fixed many of the issues. Last week I was prompted that a new version was available so I updated Firefox, I wish I hadn't as the latest version is a mess and we are back to the bad old days in one version. How can one version change so drastically, I followed all the advice on their forum which included a clean install from scratch and it's still a mess and before people respond to this post it is not a hardware, configuration problem, no security is restricting it and my PC is clean, it's simply a new version that appears to be broken.

If Mozilla had addressed these problems early on as let's face it, it has been going on for sometime now, then maybe Firefox would have taken a lot of numbers from IE, instead Chrome has cleaned up and frankly it's okay at best. It would be good if one of the big players could produce a decent browser. So far the only one I rate is Pale Moon which is based on Firefox, the difference being Pale Moon is lighter as it cuts out many features you will never use on Firefox and supports less older hardware or Windows versions, sounds simple but what a difference between the two of them. Sorry Firefox but you are dumped again.

"Increasing bloat..."

by: James

Mozilla Firefox 42.0



Still usable


Getting (slightly) fatter/slower/RAM hungry with each release

Other Thoughts:

I just wanted to make a chart to show the ever increasing bloat in Firefox.

It is predicted (bottom of chart) that at current rate, Firefox will meet or exceed 1,000mb (1GB) for download sized by year 2,140 (based on current rate of 8 major version numbers per year)

Note: Installed/extracted Firefox tends to be 2x larger, so expect installed size to be 2,000+mb (2+GB) by year 2,140...

What is REALLY horrifying to me, is HOW MUCH BLOAT do you NEED to just open a simple text based HTML page?
Back in Firefox 2 days, I had an older dual core P4 with 3.5GB RAM that I opened 1,611 pages on!
Sure, it slowed down somewhat, but I could have opened even more tabs!

Now, I find even with a modern QUAD core i3 with 1.8GB video RAM & 4GB system RAM & Windows 8.1, it is all I can do to open more than 50 tabs before the computer almost stalls to a complete halt.

1 tab in Firefox 42 uses 285mb, & 2 tabs = 300!!!

Something needs to be done to reign in this monstrosity, before it becomes impossible to use!!!!

I know some say, oh, but Firefox is still fast! Yes, it appears to do ok, I mean, if you only open 1 to 5 tabs!

But power users who are used to opening hundreds of tabs are CRIPPLED!!!

Bring back the bloat-free days, please!!!!

Do we really need hundreds of MB just to surf the web?
Firfox 42 is listed as 41.1mb download, but my install folder shows 85+ mb (not including additional Firefox folders such as Maintenance)

This whole bloatware thing is running out of control!

85+ mb just to surf the web? Won't be long before it's 200+mb, or 300, or 400, or 500, or 2+GB!!!

Is anyone listening? Do we NEED hundreds of MB of web browser just to display a simple "Hello World" HTML page?

Notepad takes far less RAM!!! Do we have to start surfing with a modified Notepad browser, just to get rid of increasing bloat?
Firefox 1.0 (2004, 4.69mb)
Firefox 1.5 (2005, 4.98mb) > 5mb
Firefox 2.0 (2006, 5.63mb)
Firefox 3.0 (2008, 7.15mb)
Firefox 4.0 (2011, 12.0mb) > 12mb
Firefox 5.0 (2011, 13.0mb)
Firefox 6.0 (2011, 13.3mb)
Firefox 7.0 (2011, 13.4mb)
Firefox 8.0 (2011, 14.0mb)
Firefox 9.0 (2011, 14.6mb)
Firefox 10.0 (2012, 15.1mb) > 15mb
Firefox 11.0 (2012, 15.4mb)
Firefox 12.0 (2012, 15.6mb)
Firefox 13.0 (2012, 15.8mb)
Firefox 14.0 (2012, 16.0mb)
Firefox 15.0 (2012, 16.9mb)
Firefox 16.0 (2012, 17.3mb)
Firefox 17.0 (2012, 18.4mb)
Firefox 18.0 (2013, 19.3mb)
Firefox 19.0 (2013, 19.6mb)
Firefox 20.0 (2013, 20.0mb) > 20mb
Firefox 21.0 (2013, 20.3mb)
Firefox 22.0 (2013, 20.8mb)
Firefox 23.0 (2013, 21.3mb)
Firefox 24.0 (2013, 21.6mb)
Firefox 25.0 (2013, 22.2mb)
Firefox 26.0 (2013, 22.9mb)
Firefox 27.0 (2014, 23.5mb)
Firefox 28.0 (2014, 24.0mb) > 24mb
Firefox 29.0 (2014, 27.6mb)
Firefox 30.0 (2014, 28.4mb)
Firefox 31.0 (2014, 30.7mb) > 30mb
Firefox 32.0 (2014, 33.6mb)
Firefox 33.0 (2014, 34.7mb) > 35mb
Firefox 34.0 (2014, 37.7mb)
Firefox 35.0 (2015, 38.0mb)
Firefox 36.0 (2015, 39.1mb)
Firefox 37.0 (2015, 39.0mb)
Firefox 38.0 (2015, 37.7mb)
Firefox 39.0 (2015, 39.2mb)
Firefox 40.0 (2015, 40.0mb) > 40mb
Firefox 41.0 (2015, 40.7mb)
Firefox 42.0 (2015, 41.1mb)
Future? Firefox 1,000 (2140, 1,000+mb)
(Based on 8 major versions per year)

2,000+mb extracted/installed
(Based on 2x larger on average installation size vs downloaded size)

Results: 1-15 of 229 Total Found