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Release Date:   2021-07-15

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on July 15, 2021

Small, fast-running 3D benchmark program that does the job as well as the big, expensive ones.

3D.Benchmark.OK is small and simple compared to the large, and more complicated, graphics card benchmark programs on the market. It has been developed for use with all Windows systems.

Small, but effective it is quick to load and fast to run. Results detail your average frames per second (FPS) rate, bench time, anti-aliasing, the rendering mode (low, medium, or high), video card, model and manufacturer, open graphics library (OpenGL) library, and your operating system.

Whether used to benchmark a new graphics card or an updated driver, the free graphics card benchmark program is a useful addition to your system. Alternatively, it can be run as a portable application from a flash drive. You can test for performance gain in 65 seconds.

Flexible rendering ensures suitability for testing any graphics card

Downloaded and run, 3D.Benchmark.OK launches to a fantasy 3D landscape representing a 4-kilometer square tropical island for testing. You set the screen size, rendering mode, anti-aliasing, and brightness then either benchmark your graphics card or set the automatic pilot.

In high mode rendering, there is no reduction so that the maximum load on the graphics card is benchmarked. For older systems, low or medium rendering options will ensure a smooth gradient. Benchmarking is fast and, once completed, your results are displayed and you can make comparisons with other graphics cards to ensure that your system is fully optimized for displaying 3D graphics.

Once the options have all been set, clicking 'Start benchmark' achieves your graphics card benchmark with a constant flight over the landscape for 65 seconds so that values can be determined after system, driver, or graphics card upgrading. Ensure that all other programs on your system are closed before you begin.

Clicking 'Start autopilot' basically quickly measures the stability of the rendered scene so that overclocking of the graphics card can quickly be detected.

For graphics card benchmarking, or just to ensure there is no overclocking, 3D.Benchmark.OK is worth installing on your system. The portable version placed on a flash drive is useful to have for both benchmarking and using autopilot on other systems. The compact program requires a minimum 256 MB graphics card, just 1 GB RAM, and OpenGL 2.1 enabling its use on a wide range of systems. Resource use is comparatively low making the free program a very economic choice for benchmarking.

Software Product Description

Free 3D benchmarking utility for Windows.