What's New in version 1.7:

  • New improved Notes Manager (new search, now is possible to edit notes from there, new 'print notes', drop pad favorites, import from database, new shortcut, and several other small improvements)
  • New 'Fast Database' feature that allows the usage and quick switch from a list of several databases
  • Improved configuration window, now with 'highlight text' option, find and replace, and better usability
  • Complete new redesigned program options with new sections, new menu, new functions and import export config features
  • Added extra desktop switcher list also completely customizable to for an even quicker Desktops switching
  • Better Active Sync notification of database connection by a red tray icon
  • New German translation and updated Italian translation

What's New in version 1.4:

Added Features:

  • New 7 Sticky Notes Portable Version
  • New feature: Desktop Switcher!:
  • Added Windows 7 Compatible Taskbar Button
  • Complete redesign for 7 Sticky Notes Options
  • New shortcut keys for notes editing
  • Added user confirmation at 7 Sticky Notes first run to enable/disable new version check
  • New and Improved Text Editing Options
  • Several changes to the Setup Package for compatibility with Windows 7 Stardard User

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed error found after 'Show Desktop' command was called with no notes present at the desktop
  • Fixed unable to check text style at options window
  • Fixed 'show title' checkbox at configuration window selected even when the note was defaultly created without the title
  • Corrected unable to browse network folders for the database location at the option screen
  • Fixed error when centralizing a new note out of the screen
  • TAB not being inserted in text when key pressed
  • Now tooltips are correctly showed at the configuration window
  • Fixed wrong title sizing when using large fonts
  • Now controls are correctly focused when notes are showed

What's New in version 1.2:

Added Features:

  • URL's and internet addresses now automatically identifyed as hyperlinks (opens site in default browser when link is clicked)
  • Improved fade in/out performance (speed)
  • Automatic Updates - Informs user when new version is available
  • Now all user files are installed and located in Windows's User folders (including start menu and application data folder). This ensures 7 Sticky Notes is installed only for the curent user, and ensures user-files are located only in application data folder, following the correct user data storage guidelines, as is required by Windows 7.
  • Implemented automatic instant font change for advanced font configuration windows
  • New personalization options added to program's options:
    • User-configurable keyboard shortcut keys combinations for "New Notes", "Show/Hide Keys" and "Notes Desktop"
    • Enable/Disable Auto URL Recognition
    • Enable/Disable auto update check on startup
    • Enable/Disable "Start 7 Sticky Notes when Window Starts"
    • Enable/Disable drop shadow effects
    • Enable/Disable Transparency Effects
    • Moving notes transparency enable/disable and configurable transparency percentage
    • Fade-in Notes Effects Enable/Disable and fade-in time (ms)
    • Fade-out Notes Effects Enable/Disable and fade-out time (ms)
    • Default new note transparency
    • Default new note show/hide title
    • Default new note theme

Bugs Fixed:

  • Improved animating notes detection to prevent "show/hide" operations while notes are fading
  • Fixed bug with not redrawing dropshadows if Windows was configured to not "show windows contents while moving" (thanks to Willy R. from Indonesia!)
  • Fixed problem with wrong note identification when re-creating the configuration windows in the case one of the under configuration notes was a new note
  • Fixed "not saving text alignment" bug
  • Fixed error when double-clicking an empty Recycle Bin's notes tree
  • Fixed dropshadows not redrawing when screen resolution changed
  • Removed small mouse flickering when resizing note