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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Although you can play animated GIFs directly on your Windows XP computer, Microsoft removed this capability in Windows Vista, 7 and 8. You need a third-party application to play the little video clips if you have these later operating systems, which is where 7GIF comes in. This free GIF viewer is a small standalone player that allows users to move through GIF frames and even save the ones they want in a variety of formats.

7GIF Features

  • Play control: The player has a set of options that enable users to control animations as they would do in a conventional media player. It supports playing, pausing, zooming, speeding up and slowing down. You can also view animated GIFs frame by frame.
  • Advanced: You can navigate through all your GIF files in a folder with just one click. You can also save chosen frames, print them or view animations in full screen mode.
  • Compatibility: While 7GIF is specially designed for the advanced taskbar features in Windows 7 and 8, it is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.
  • Free: 7GIF is a completely free GIF viewer with no strings attached.

Using 7GIF

7GIF comes in both installable and portable versions, both of which function equally well. We installed it quickly, and it was not bundled with other third-party programs.

The simple user interface is mainly taken by the display for animated content while the controls are at the bottom. When we opened a file, the free GIF viewer displayed its name on the upper part of the screen, and we could carry out most functions via keyboard shortcuts. We opened the first file using drag and drop, and the program detected all compatible files in the same folder. We discovered that the left and right arrows allowed us to move among the files in the folder. On the other hand, the up and down arrows allowed us to move between frames when we paused animations.

We could increase or reduce the speed of animation, rewind animation and view either previous or next frames. The Settings button gave us various options, including the ability to:

  • Save current or all frames
  • Hide toolbar
  • Change background color
  • View file properties
  • View animations in full screen mode
  • Check for updates

Although the configuration panel has a lot of options, it is relatively easy to use. We associated GIF files with the application to make it our default viewer.

We found a lot of details under file properties, including: path, file type and size, attributes, file creation time, last write time, last access time, resolution, dots per inch and frame count.

Saving frames was a snap, and the program let us set the desired quality level in percentages.


  • User friendly
  • Fast
  • Provides plenty of options


  • Knowing some keyboard shortcuts requires guesswork

Software Product Description

7GIF is a full featured animated GIFs player for Windows. With 7GIF you have full control over the animation: play, pause, repeat, frame-by-frame view, zoom, speed up/down; and a LOT of features like: frames export, fast GIFs switching, slideshow, full screen mode, Windows 7 (8 and 10) advanced taskbar features, multilanguage UI, online updates and much more!

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.



Review Date: 2014-11-30

Pros: None

Cons: I tried to run 7GIF on my Windows 7 netbook with MS .NET 3.51 already installed. According to the indicators, all the controls were responding, and I was able to load several animated GIFs, but all I got with each one was a completely blank screen, regardless of whether the animation was playing or stopped.

Other Thoughts: No, it is not true that the capability to play animated GIFs was removed in Windows Vista and 7. They can be opened and played in any browser, including Internet Explorer.


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