A73 Piano Station 1.4.0      

Size:  2.12MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2017-11-17

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on November 17, 2017

A73 Piano Station is a free virtual piano that allows you to use your computer to play the piano and other instruments used in music.

Just like other virtual piano applications, it allows you to simulate the functions of a piano on a computer, with the additional features of an electronic keyboard such as a synthesizer, 100+ instruments, and beats.

Features and Functions

The application is simple enough for users as young as age 6. Although it's suitable for beginners, it is also very useful for professional musicians with its advanced features. The program allows you to record music you create and edit it literally anywhere you can use a computer.

Functions include:

  • Record and save any music you compose
  • Music player for your favorite tunes
  • Musical instrument for musicians to play music or compose tunes with
  • Metronome
  • Allows users to play the piano, guitar, drums, string and wind instruments one at a time or at the same time,


  • Six octave realistic piano keyboard
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simulates 100 plus musical instruments, not just the piano
  • 20-220 BPM (beats per minute) drum feature with shuffle control
  • Music Genres (styles) include pop, jazz, blues, rock, classical and more
  • Play up to three lead instruments at the same time
  • Play 3 parallel arpeggios with over 50 patterns
  • Save music session and entire workplace

A73 Piano Station Compatibility:

  • General Midi compatible
  • Compatible with software and hardware synthesizer, including Microsoft GS
  • Compatible with Wavetable SW Synth available on all XP/Vista/7 computers

Fun, Easy to Use, Nice Graphical User Interface

The A73 Piano Station is downright entertaining, but useful as well. Unlike more complex versions of the virtual piano, it does not require specialized knowledge or training in music in order to use it, but it has functions for more advanced users.

The virtual piano is fun even in its most basic features. You can play the piano and sing along with friends during recreational activities. It is for users with a wide age range and musical skill range - from zero knowledge to professional musical knowledge. Very user-friendly and has a nice aethetically-pleasing interface.

A73 Piano Station System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 OS
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor
  • 64 MB of free RAM
  • PC keyboard with enhanced support for simultaneous
  • Keystrokes for chord input

Software Product Description

Virtual piano for Windows.