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Release Date:   2009-06-29

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Software Product Description

AVCutty is able to capture video material from a DV camera. It saves the videos in AVI files. It also simplifies the splitting of AVI files into the different scenes. It scans the AVI files and detects the scene changes either optically or per DV date stamp. Each scene can be saved into a new AVI file. Because AVCutty does not recompress the video data, the process is lossless. Also it is possible to trim the scenes in a comfortable manner. So, AVCutty is very useful, particularly at the beginning of your video project.


  • Captures video material via Firewire.
  • AVCutty is able to find scenes in AVI files automatically (optically or per dv datestamp).
  • It scans through the AVI files and detects scene changes.
  • Allows you to manually split AVI files into scenes.
  • Allows you to save each scene into a new, separate AVI file.
  • The process is lossless.
  • Provides easy and convenient trimming of scenes.
  • "Mini-Editing-System": it is possible to save the defined scenes in a given order into one AVI file (eg. for export to the camera).
  • Exports scenelist (EDL/CSV/AVS).
  • Generates a scene index of the defined scenes or the AVIs in a directory including thumbnails, using editable layout templates.
  • Splitts of AVI files after N frames or N seconds.
  • Saves frames as BMP.
  • Supports different languages (German, English, Dutch, Hungarian).

What's New in version 3.0a:

  • New column in the scene list: For each scene, it is possible to set a state flag. The flag can be used to mark the trimmed scenes as 'ready'. So it is easier to keep in view, which scene is finished.
  • Correction in the device selection of the capturing dialog (corresponding AVCutty/DirectX message: 'AddPreviewGraph() / E_INVALIDARG')
  • The representation of the selection rectangle in the storyboard was changed.
  • New option for saving scene AVIs: It is possible to delete the source AVI files after generating the scene AVI files (including an extra verification dialog before deleting).
  • New option int the settings dialog: When exporting a video frame into a BMP file, it is possible to add the datestamp of the video frame to the file name.
  • Better support of shortcuts when renaming a scene group (keys , and )
  • Now it is possible to select "overwrite all"/"skip all", if a scene AVI already exists.
  • Scene index: #PURESRCFILENAME returns the filename and not the path.
  • Some changes to enhance the usability.
  • Some internal changes and fixes.



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