What's New in version 21.9.3207 Beta:

  • Fixed crash in installation

What's New in version 21.8.3205 Beta:

  • We have a new dashboard status to inform users if Firewall was set to Untrusted network profile so it's obvious at first glance that AV might be blocking connections from other computers, printers, and devices.

What's New in version 21.8.3202:

Major public announcement:

  • A new logo for AVG! — As the digital world changes, we change with it. We’re proud to unveil a new expression of our identity, reflecting our continued commitment to protecting people’s digital freedom

Other notable improvements in the release:

  • Sign in more securely — We're now using OpenID, a more secure sign-in standard, to sign you in to your Avast Account
  • Improved exceptions — It's now possible to add exceptions solely for Behavior Shield
  • Fixed a tray icon bug — Our system tray icon now shows the proper status of shields after a PC restart
  • Password Protection update - we're now protecting newly created backup files of passwords stored in the browser
  • Firewall tweaks - We're now blocking switching to public profile when RDP is used

What's New in version 21.8.3198 Beta:

  • Incorrect Firewall settings for VPN fixed
  • Purchase of paid product is not offered after login to paid account anymore
  • Core service maintenance

What's New in version 21.7.3196:

  • Here we have just configuration adjustment related to recent MyKings botnet driver code-change that should have positive impact on computer performance.

What's New in version 21.6.3189 Beta:

  • Fixed issue that after update from 21.5 to 21.6 FW blocked connections to network shares, network printers etc. in public profile

What's New in version 21.6.3186 Beta:


  • There is now toaster informing you about running scheduled smart scan in AVG, also in case there is some problem found during the scan, UI with results is opened


  • Fixed issue with consent dialogue displayed in the wrong user session in case there is more users working on the same PC via RDP

Known issues:

  • UI might crash when there is a request for showing a dialogue immediately after Log in into the OS
  • There is a glitch in UI when you try to disable all core shield via advanced settings

What's New in version 21.3.3174:

Major public announcements:

  • Better scan performance — We've made a lot of small performance improvements to various security components (running on background)
  • Improved Rescue Disk — We've added a portable web browser to our Rescue Disk so you can search the web even when Windows isn't working
  • Fewer distractions — We no longer show pop-up messages when your antivirus is open
  • Passive Mode fix — We've fixed a bug that would sometimes disable Passive Mode soon after it was turned on

Bug-fix and improvement highlights for hardcore fans:

  • Because of an expiring MS certificate for signing drivers, we had to block updates and installations of users with outdated/unpatched versions of Win7 (up to KB3033929). Unless they update their OS, they will stay on 21.2 version.
  • Implemented Countdown (auto-close) of Cyber Capture dialogs
  • Additional Rescue Disk improvements (postponing toolkit installation until MSI installation finishes, adding retries to downloading RCD files, etc.)
  • Fixed cases when both our Firewall and Windows firewall were running simultaneously
  • Fixed issue where the restart dialog didn't appear in Silent Mode
  • Fixed issues where our uninstall survey was not displayed
  • Fixed issue when the UI didn't show the correct state of IDP (Behavioral Shield) features
  • Some of those scan optimizations mentioned in our public release notes include: Startup, registry callbacks, behavioral events, on-exec DLLs scanning, identified opportunities to skip some scans, etc.)

What's New in version 21.1.3161 Beta:

  • As this is our first 21.1 Release Candidate build, there are just a few cosmetic bug-fixes without impact on 'visible' product functionality. However some serious issue has been found.

Known issues:

  • malware may not be detected by a scan under specific conditions

What's New in version 20.9.3151 Beta:

  • Few crashes fixed
  • Installation process should be faster
  • AVG Dashboard does not include Invalid Date instead of the date of the last scan

What's New in version 20.9.3148 Beta:

  • CyberCapture: results now can be found in Notification Centre
  • Password Protection: your passwords are now protected in MS Edge and Avast Secure Browser also

What was fixed:

  • Scanning of autostart services - we now rescan all services started before the AV protection
  • Reading licenses from other installed products does not cause deadlock
  • JAWS screen reader - Tray menu now can be opened (Shift+F10)
  • Behavior Shield detection dialog is no longer displayed over File Shield detection dialog (double detection)

Known issues:

  • Deleting files from Quarantine might result in a UI Freeze or crash
  • AVG Dashboard includes Invalid Date instead of the date of the last scan
  • Installation takes more time in some cases

What's New in version 20.6 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • Fixed issue with not running AV service and UI when user enabled passive mode and restarted
  • Fixed crash in UI
  • Fixed issue with Instup.exe and Icarus.exe generating a lot of FW rules and asking for permission
  • Fixed issue that Chrome browser was not installed even when the checkbox was selected in Chrome browser offer
  • Fixed issue when in some rare cases creation of rescue disk failed
  • Fixed issue when there was a conflict with windows installer

What's New in version 20.3.3120 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • SecureDNS now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
  • Firewall now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
  • Two application crashes under specific conditions related to SecureDNS and Webshield components
  • Firewall blocks Microsoft Wireless Display feature

What's New in version 20.1.3110 Beta:

  • Update process of user interface was improved
  • Smart Scan improvements - Advanced issues - when everything is ok, we are showing 'green' results instead of hidding the tab

Browser extensions:

  • Improved detection of status of browser extensions
  • Added support of detection in Opera browser

What's New in version 18.6.3956 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • Fixed occasional DNS resolve time-outs
  • Fixed issues with loading of sites using EV certificate
  • DND mode - 'new app added' toaster does not appear in some cases
  • Fixed reading available licenses for MyAVG section
  • Fixed sending client parameters after service restart
  • Fixed waiting for internet connection instead of just network before doing license operations

What's New in version 18.6.3952 Beta:

New Features:

  • DND mode - app detection based on internal DB is active after app goes to fullscreen
  • Improved compatibility between Do not Disturb mode and the MS Windows Notification Center (MS Windows 10)

What was fixed:

  • DND mode - working correctly in Firefox
  • DND mode - detection based fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed service start delay when no internet connection is available
  • crashing of Antivirus service when updating existing license for Password Protection product
  • DND mode - fixed blocking from Windows Notification Center
  • crash of Antivirus service on Windows 10 RS5 and compatibility with its Edge browser
  • not displaying confirmation dialog related to disabling the Webcam shield and Sensitive Data Shield components
  • crashing reporting to Windows Security Center under some circumstances
  • Fixed HNS (WiFi Inspector) related BSOD
  • conflict when handling UDP packets (mainly by Fake Website Shield component) modified by 3rd party products

What's New in version 18.5.3059 Beta:

  • Fixed - reporting of disabled shields in tray
  • Fixed - crashes

What's New in version 18.5.3058 Beta:

What's new:

  • Added 'restore as' option to virus chest
  • UI should not be started after update or restart until AV service is running (this should prevent the UI 'service is not running' state)
  • New download mechanism for installation and update files
  • New EULA

What was fixed:

  • Fixed - Icon is not deleted after uninstall AVG business
  • Fixed - not running scheduled scans
  • Fixed turning on/off protection from tray icon
  • Fixed wrong reporting status of Firewall in UI
  • BSOD fixes, crash fixes
  • Fixed reporting of Firewall state to Windows Defender Security Center
  • Fixed - Hacker component inactive
  • Fixed - not running AV service after enabling passive mode
  • Fixed - Missing text in passive mode enabling/disabling dialogue

What's New in version 18.4.3055 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • GDPR compliance: added new options in Privacy section in General Settings ( paid programs)
  • Sensitive Data Shield:
  • shield is now enabled even after program update
  • other minor changes and fixes