AVG Decryption Tool for Legion 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-08-08

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 Reviewed on August 08, 2016

Different strains of ransomware attack computers in different ways. For example, The Legion strain encrypts files and renames them in the following format: example.doc._18-08-2016-20-25-23_$$.legion. Like many other strains, it changes the wallpaper, displaying a message explaining that the computer's data is encrypted and then gives a contact e-mail for instructions on restoring the system. The goal is the same: pay a ransom to restore access to your files.

However, AVG Virus Labs gives you a way of regaining access to your files without paying the criminals behind the ransomware. You just need AVG Decryption Tool for Legion to help you decrypt the files.

Using AVG Decryption Tool for Legion

We downloaded the lightweight tool and double-clicked it to start the decryption process without the need for installation. We simply added the location that we wanted to decrypt, which could be a folder, local drive or network drive.

The application supported three keyboard shortcuts: DEL for delete, INS for insert and F2 for edit.

We could view or hide the log after the decryption process.


AVG Decryption Tool for Legion is a handy tool for restoring access to files that the Legion ransomware has encrypted. It takes only three steps to complete the decryption process, after which the software recommends that you update your antivirus and perform a full scan.

Software Product Description

Free decryption tool for Legion ransomware.