AVG Decryption Tool for TeslaCrypt 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-08-08

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 Reviewed on August 08, 2016

Different strains of ransomware affect files in different ways although they all ultimately demand the payment of money for the files to be released. TeslaCrypt has been one of the most infamous strains. It can leave file names unchanged or append an extension like .mp3, .micro and .vvv. You can use AVG Decryption Tool for TeslaCrypt to decrypt the affected files so that you do not have to make the demanded ransom payment.

Using AVG Decryption Tool for TeslaCrypt

We launched AVG Decryption Tool for TeslaCrypt directly from the location where we had saved it. It opened a wizard that helped us to decrypt the affected files in three simple steps. We specified the location of the files that we wanted to decrypt. We could add individual folders or entire drives, and the application supported both network and local drives.

Clicking the "Finish" button initiated the decryption process. The software searched for files that had been affected by versions 4 and 3 of TeslaCrypt ransomware.


If you would like to decrypt files that have been encrypted by the latest versions of the TeslaCrypt ransomware, then try AVG Decryption Tool for TeslaCrypt. The free tool makes it easy to recover hijacked files without making any payment to unscrupulous individuals.

Software Product Description

Free decryption tool for TeslaCrypt ransomware.