AVIMux GUI 1.17.8      

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Release Date:   2008-09-08

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

Easily convert audio and video files of various formats.

Supported input file types:

  • AVI, MKV
  • WAV, MPA/MP3, AC3, DTS, AAC, OGG/Vorbis
  • SRT, SSA

Supported output formats:

  • AVI, MKV
  • raw (MPx, AC3, DTS...)
  • ATDS-AAC, OGG/Vorbis


  • supports Open-DML AVI files
  • supports creating rec list
  • join AVI/MKV files with SSA subtitles
  • easy splitting
  • handles MPx/AAC-in-AVI
  • extracting most stream types
  • repair files
  • Mode 2 - Form 2 reading
  • Vorbis-in-AVI reading
  • real file type identification

What's New in version 1.17.8:


  • The CTextFile class is redone. Text files can now be handled in UTF-16 big and little endian (with BOM only), UTF 8 (with BOM only) and the local charset of your windows installation
  • Added highlighting for streams that are default and for streams that AVI-Mux GUI cannot put into AVI files (this visual feature can be disabled)
  • When creating XML files, now STL is used
  • Matroska tags can be used to create several titles for one matroska stream. Note that this is, as far as I know, not yet supported by players or filters.
  • The BitStream class is redone. Reading AAC audio is now faster.
  • The widht and height of the settings window is increased if the right-bottom-most button is cropped.
  • There is now a setting to enable, disable or leave unchanged the cleartype font setting

Fixed Bugs:

  • When opening Matroska files containing Vorbis audio streams, the vorbis audio streams' titles were not imported
  • A crash occurred when opening a matroska file containing Tags with no target
  • The windows size should not be restored correctly and on the correct screen when restarting AVI-Mux GUI
  • The delay setting was printed in the wrong place for A_MS/ACM audio tracks in matroska files
  • DTS streams with frames of 2012 bytes got a wrong duration because the PCMSampleCount header field was not used. This made the audio go out of sync
  • When the size estimation of a Vorbis audio track failed, a crash occurred
  • AC3 and DTS: The LFE channel was ignored. This caused incorrect channel information to be written in headers. This did not affect replay on most players, but I got a report that a Nero AVI file parser interpreted this difference between header and real stream data as a broken file.
  • AC3: Due to some rounding that (erroneously) occurred when reading AC3 audio files with 44.1 kHz, such streams were muxed incorrectly.
  • Nowadays, there is no long double anymore in Visual Studio. Due to this, when trying to write 80 bit floats into matroska file, a 64 bit float was written instead and padded with 2 zero bytes. This is fixed. IMPORTANT: 80 bit floats are no longer allowed in the matroska specification. 80 bit floats can only be selected when matroska v1/v2 enforcement is disabled.
  • the file name in the START command in scripts was converted to UTF-8, then it was interpreted as 8859-1 and again converted to UTF-8, which led to disrupted file names
  • a crash occurred when dropping an XML chapter file onto an edition in the chapter editor
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