Aeo3 Pingo Beta      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2009-11-12

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

Aeo3 Pingo is a networking connectivity testing utility. Installation is optional with Portable and Setup versions.

Designed to be small with clean and simple user interface. Very useful as an indicator for availability of the Internet, network devices, servers or printers in the Local Area Network or Wide Area Network.


  • Network/Internet ICMP Ping Utility
  • Retrieve All TCP/IP Networking Configurations (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS and DHCP)
  • Target List - Sequentially Pinging Multiple Targets
  • Ping IP Address, Website's URL, Local Networked Computers' Host Names
  • Reverse DNS (rDNS) Lookup to Resolve Domain/Host Name
  • CTRL-C to copy Ping Log into Clipboard
  • Able to show Good and Bad rDNS attempts
  • Designed to Run in Multiple Instances
  • Ping Connectivity Indicator
  • Independent Internet Connectivity Indicator
  • Tracks Fastest and Slowest Ping Intervals
  • Tracks Timeout
  • Variable Ping Speed
  • Minimized to System Tray with Green/Red indicator
  • Small, Lightweight and with option for flash drive Portability
  • Simple and Easy User-Interface

Hidden Features:

  • Able to Identify Root Servers, some free DNS Servers, Gateways and Local PCs
  • rDNS auto-off when IP Address is resolved
  • rDNS auto-off when Minimized to System Tray
  • Ignore Invalid Ping Targets in List
  • Auto-Correct unexpected spaces or Tabs in Target List
  • Negative Ping Time Detection and Warning (CPU cores timing drift anomaly)
  • 5 attemps to Resolve IP Address to Domain/Host Name
Download the Portable version.

What's New in version Beta:

  • Fix: Create new target list - correctly generate "Links.ini".
  • Fix: Copy log missing first few letters.