What's new in version 7.66:

  • Includes new content, new gameplay elements and a number of graphical enhancements and optimizations as well as the new tactical mode of game play.

What's New in version 7.65:


  • HD lightmaps.
  • Alpha and soft shadows in lightmaps
  • Major performance increases in bsp rendering.
  • IQM mesh animation now handled in GPU for major peformance gains.
  • Major optimizations in particle rendering.
  • New glass shader effects.
  • Fixed issues with ATI and shaders.
  • Player shadows now use only shadowmapping.
  • 4 sample PCF dithering for soft shadowmaps.
  • Improvements to water shader effects.
  • Cubemap shaders added for bsp and meshes.
  • Cull no-draw(caulking, etc) at map load.


  • TCA now best two out of three.
  • Fixed issue with Mind Eraser and team games.
  • Fixed issue with teleporters moving up when used.
  • Compensate for the disruptor zoom by reducing input sensitivity.
  • Weapon switching has been made significantly faster.
  • Fix hitboxes for crouched player models.
  • Ghost mode now works like other games: you see what the ghosted player sees.
  • Improvements to demo playback.
  • Fixed issues with weapon bob getting stuck.

New Content:

  • New armor models.
  • New shaders for various weapon/item models.
  • Various player models received poly increases for smoothness.
  • HD lightmaps added for a variety of levels.
  • New menu shaders.
  • Documentation updated.

What's New in version 7.60:

  • Many new rendering features.
  • Twelve new/rebuilt levels.
  • Two new player characters, the Overlord and Warrior.
  • Brand new 'super' weapon, the Minderaser.
  • Improved antilag code.
  • Simple items rendering option.
  • Improved and expanded movement.
  • Improved Bot AI, particuarly with CTF.
  • New music, and music 'shifts' in game situations.
  • Variety of bug fixes and code cleansing.

What's New in version 7.53:

  • Big performance gains on high settings.
  • Two new levels(ctf/tca).
  • Entity definition files.
  • DM lights server option.
  • Various improved effects.
  • CTF scoring changes.
  • Bot AI signifigantly improved.
  • Optimizations, bugfixes and more!

What's New in version 7.52:

  • Many new models and textures.
  • Four exciting new levels.
  • Vegetation shadowmapping.
  • Account system for stats.
  • Various improved effects.
  • Decoupled renderer from client frame code.
  • Changes to the bot code and anti-camp.
  • Iqm version 2 support.

What's New in version 7.51:

  • Extensive rewrite of bsp surface rendering for a massive performance increase
  • Complete rewrite of vertex buffer object code
  • Complete rewrite of post process effects(pain, heat wave distortions, etc)
  • Improvements to light volumes
  • Improvements to shadow mapping for dynamic shadows
  • Massive renderer cleanup and re-org
  • First editions of a developer reference
  • Improvements to vehicle hud rendering
  • Added configure option for Unix/Linux ANSI color console output
  • Integrate ODE library into Unix/Linux build to avoid potential problems
  • Variety of graphical updates
  • Three new/revamped levels
  • Fixed bug with vid_restart on map change, for much faster map loading
  • Added downloading of iqm meshes

What's New in version 7.50:

  • Ragdoll physics using the Open Dynamics physics engine.
  • Revamped in-game IRC client.
  • GNU AutoTools for Linux/Unix/MacOS installation.
  • True Type Font support.
  • Two brand new maps, one revamped map.
  • New music by renowned musician Paul Joyce.
  • Bugfixes, tweaks, and much more!

What's New in version 7.45:

New Features:

  • Soft shadows.
  • Strats datadir fixes.
  • Bot config reading for Linux.
  • Irc threading fixes.
  • Irc login fixes.
  • Lightblock optimization.
  • All GLSL and ARB shader's built into engine.
  • Fix burning white gibs bug.
  • VBO fixes for speedup.
  • Inter Quake skeletal model format.
  • Spine bending for viewer pitch.
  • Cleaned up vertex model rendering for major speedup.
  • Compiled on MSVC2009 for peformance increases.
  • Allow mouse acceleration to be disabled in game.
  • All player models now have IQM versions.
  • Various issues with rscript cleaned up.
  • Bot's now turn more humanly.
  • Homing missiles now limited to 5 per life, rather than round.
  • Specularity now controlled by normalmap alpha.
  • Irc now defaults to, our own Irc network.
  • Improvements in accuracy and speed of lighting routines.
  • Updated a number of skins for models.
  • Better keepalive for Galaxy.
  • separate menu mouse speed control.

What's New in version 7.40:

  • Five new maps!
  • Two new weapon models.
  • Improvements to the renderer.
  • Security and memory bugfixes.
  • A variety of gameplay changes and tweaks.
  • Antilag bugfixes.
  • Revamped menu.

What's New in version 7.33:

  • In-game IRC client
  • Player rankings in server browser
  • Skill level matchmaker on server info
  • Vastly improved anti-lag code
  • Headshots
  • Optimizations and bugfixes
  • Various improved graphic effects