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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on May 04, 2018

How you manage folders and files on a Windows PC is most often left up to the default Windows Explorer but, truth be told, it's a very bad file manager. In fact, Windows Explorer seems to have become worse with each upgrade to the OS. Fortunately, there are many free file managers for Windows available now. However, if you regularly struggle to keep up with a substantial number (100k+) of files, allTags is an application developed with you in mind.

allTags is a tag-based free file manager that was developed to bring some order to the way large sets of files are managed in Windows. Flexible tagging replaces time-consuming file naming and folder selection conventions of Windows Explorer. Give yourself alternative options to folders and files and the time-consuming searching - download allTags.

Efficient file management at your fingertips

Launching allTags opens your default browser and takes you to a browser-based user-friendly graphic interface. To begin you drag and drop files, and - where it works best for you - entire folders, into the browser window. They will display in the 'Active Objects' panel where you are able to assign tags to them. The application provides suggestions based on existing file names and folders. A panel at the right contains your search filters.

Once set up, files in allTags open directly from the browser. File changes get tracked, and multiple versions are made available, through the versioning function, in case of errors being made.

Moving along the menu bar, after 'All' and 'Accessed', the 'Tags' tab lets you rename, merge or delete tags and a 'Settings' menu is available for customizing tags and their assigned actions. The 'Help' menu tab provides generous support for all functions but, since the UI is quite self-explanatory, you will not have a great deal of use for it.

Managing files is faster and easier with allTags

The free file manager is specifically designed to assist you in working efficiently with 100k+ files by eliminating the need to choose file names and paths.

  • Easy-to-use tag management functions
  • allTags provides tag suggestions and automatically completes
  • File descriptions become more consistent with tags
  • Totally local
  • Tag-based names for folders and files are dynamically generated when working outside of the application
  • Data import and export
  • Able to sort tags by similarity
  • allTags opens files to your own preference in your local applications
  • Supports URLs

allTags was developed specifically for managing large sets of files more effectively, by replacing all the time-consuming requirements of Windows Explorer, with flexible tagging. The result is fast searching and retrieval of files. The free file manager has built-in support and is compatible with Windows Vista and up.

Software Product Description

Free file manager with tagging features to manage your files more efficiently.