What's New in version 2021.04.01:

  • When copying and pasting Karaoke files that have non-English lyrics, the lyrics would sometimes appear with '?' symbols instead of the actual symbol.

What's New in version 2021.02.02:

  • File / Save would generate error messages for songs with more than 63 tracks.
  • It now supports an unlimited number of tracks.
  • Fixed Print-Sheet which due to new release of Windows was causing Out of GDI Handles error.
  • Increased the upper-limit of Tempo from 300 to 600 Beats Per Minute.
  • With Multi-View accessory, list of active tracks being edited is remembered the next time the file is loaded.

What's New in version 2020.12.01:

When running on Windows 7, it would sometimes display the error:

  • The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-registery-|1-1-0.dll is missing.
  • If there were no Audio Out devices connected to the computer, it would sometimes crash during start-up.

What's New in version 2020.09.02:

  • A recent change caused the CopyMe accessory to not work properly. This has now been fixed.
  • When loading MIDI files created by other MIDI editors that had several MIDI channels in a single track, the tracks of the song could become mis-aligned and the length of the entire song could be longer than the original. This has now been fixed.

What's New in version 2019.02.05:

  • After a recent Windows Update, the menus File/Open and File/Save stopped working computers where the Hi Contrast system setting was turned on. This has been fixed.
  • Tempo can now be entered with a decimal value, e.g. 48.75.
  • Tempo value can now be edited in View / Event List editor.
  • The menu Track / Align notes with measures, tab Stretch / Compress time,
  • And the note-attribute popup menus Stretch to start of next measure... and Compress to start of current measure... now have a checkbox named Don't change playback speed.
  • When this checkbox is set, tempo events are inserted before and after the affected measure so that the playback speed will be unchanged, even though the notes are lengthened or shortened to look better in the staff editor.

What's New in version 2018.10.01:

  • Changing tempo could result in an error 88890014 being generated.
  • With the Multi-Audio 8/16 accessory, you can not record MIDI tracks and Audio tracks at the same time.
  • Sliders work correctly again for users of the Tascam US428 Mixing Console and Control Surface.
  • Please tell us at any other Control Surfaces you would like us to support.
  • Several other minor problems were fixed.