Apprentice Video 20.20.1011      

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Release Date:   2020-10-12

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Software Product Description

There are numerous video players for computers, some of which are relatively difficult to use. If you are looking for an application to play your videos without many hassles, then choose Apprentice Video, which is as versatile as Media Player Classic and VLC but is stripped of some features to make it lighter. You can also use the player to view images and play music files.

Apprentice Video is compatible with almost all common video formats. In addition to playing local files, you can use it to stream online videos.

The player takes advantage of FFmpeg and renders audio via portaudio v19. It incorporates performance options that allow it to play videos on slow hardware. For example, you may configure the player to skip non-reference frames, color conversion and loop filter.

The player interface does not display playback buttons like many players do. Instead, you may either use pre-configured shortcut keys to manage playback or access the control functions from the context menu. It supports full-screen playback option for a better viewing experience.

You may make various adjustments like cropping frame margins, changing playback speed, window size and aspect ratio.

You can load an entire directory, and the player will automatically create bookmarks for playlists. This allows you to resume playing videos at the respective points where you pause them and play others.

While it's true that Apprentice Video is a simple media player, it has some powerful features that even advanced users will appreciate. It's not just for apprentices.