Ardentryst 1.7      

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Release Date:   2009-04-06

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

Ardentryst is an action/RPG sidescroller, focused not just on fighting, but on story, and character development. Strategy as well as reflexes will be needed to overcome the game.

The game is set in another world. It is somewhat a cross between Donkey Kong Country, Mario, Castlevania and Kingdom Hearts. Ardentryst is focused on a fantasy world. The player is guided through a storyline which he or her must act in and play a major role in keeping peace and order in Ardentryst.

It features two playable characters and a variety of weapons, items, armour, monsters, and beautiful level scenery and graphics.

The source code is available for download and is platform independent.



Reviewer: -n3k0_l0v3r

Review Date: 2009-04-15

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Other Thoughts: If you like Zelda II: A Link to the Past or the Castlevania series you are bound to enjoy this beuatifully crafted game. My only complaint is the lack of joypad support (because I am so inept with a keyboard). Download NOW!


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