What's New in version 7.0.7:

  • Improved saving of events
  • Fixed occasional hang when using watercolor brushes
  • Fixed capture image stamp does not work
  • Fixed guides have the wrong position after cropping
  • Fixed pressure sensitivity does not work in brush editor
  • Fixed JFIF file extension is not supported
  • Fixed various error reports

What's New in version 7.0.6:

  • Fixed wrong active layer after deleting layer group
  • Fixed error in selection free transformation
  • Fixed hang using brush tool and warp method
  • Fixed error using brush tool and hairy brush type
  • Fixed various error reports

What's New in version 7.0.5:

  • Improved Windows Ink Pen support
  • Fixed error while painting with certain pen tablets
  • Fixed layer send to back command does not always work correct
  • Fixed pasting text from clipboard as new layer does not work
  • Fixed wrong text tool behavior when entering text using keypad
  • Fixed various error reports

What's New in version 7.0.4:

  • Improved brush stroke performance with impasto
  • Removed not supported page setup margins
  • Fixed errors when executing certain FilterFX scripts
  • Fixed not correct centered document in print preview
  • Fixed text tool rendering issues with some special fonts
  • Fixed not all layer properties are duplicated
  • Fixed errors when hiding brush selector
  • Fixed various error reports

What's New in version 7.0.3:

  • Improved support for certain pen input devices
  • Fixed error after closing brush selector
  • Fixed error when selecting recent brushes from brush selector
  • Fixed error after canceling brush tool
  • Fixed error when default printer is not available

What's New in version 7.0.2:

  • Improved online update
  • Improved sending of error reports
  • Fixed error when canceling a WIA scan
  • Fixed error opening JPEG files with invalid markers
  • Fixed wrong palette size and default layout in high DPI environments
  • Fixed not correct working Other brush method
  • Fixed various error reports

What's New in version 6.0.12:

  • Improved stability
  • Fixed error when using clone sources

What's New in version 6.0.11:

  • Removed email notification from error report upload as it is no longer supported
  • Improved palette drag and drop
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed error on startup after changing color theme
  • Fixed wrong name after restoring default brush variant
  • Fixed empty brush category list in brush editor
  • Fixed not correct loading of stroke smoothing brush setting

What's New in version 6.0.9:

  • Improved pixel brush type
  • Improved memory handling
  • Improved performance of multi-threaded filters
  • Fixed various issues reported by automatic error reports

What's New in version 6.0.8:

  • Reduced overall memory usage
  • Fixed a crash closing all documents with a special tab arrangement
  • Fixed not updating coordinates while a tool is in use
  • Fixed wrong shown transformation frame with low zoom levels