Ashampoo Backup 2021      

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Release Date:   2021-01-09

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on July 12, 2019

Safeguard your files with a foolproof backup utility.

There's always a first time! We all get blasť about backing up our data and put off the perceived time-consuming operation. We take the chance that it won't happen to us but one day that rude awakening may in fact actually come about. Your system actually undergoes that terminal crash, malware attack, disk corruption... and your data is absolutely irretrievable.

Ashampoo Backup 2020 solves the problem of lost data and backup procrastination by providing you with a built-in program that will rescue your data - all with a few clicks. You get to backup your computer with a utility that provides automated backups that work in the background, plus fast action to restore disk partitions, disks and, most importantly, your data.

Easy to operate

With a few clicks Ashampoo Backup 2020's simple and comprehensive user interface enables you to backup your computer, a selected drive or partition. The procedure is easy to follow from the instructions given. You basically select the drive to backup, the location for the backup - a local network or an external drive, when to activate and how many backups to keep and the program is activated.

Once your initial backup is made, the program automatically makes incremental backups so that you always have a completely up to date backup available should you need it. You can deactivate the program at any point from the interface. The current status and details of your last backup are displayed, plus the means to start an immediate backup.

The main window also provides buttons to Show Backup Contents, Restore and Verify. Archives are verified to ensure their integrity.

The Rescue System tab on the menu bar at the top of the interface is where you create the rescue system that will enable you to start your computer in the event of it failing to start. Again, this is nicely communicated and easy to follow. You simply insert the media and specify a USB or CD/DVD drive and the utility creates a bootable rescue disk to start your computer and restore your data.

Background activity without slowing you down

Ashampoo Backup 2020 is incredibly light on resources so that background backing up activity is barely noticeable. If you are concurrently using a resource-hungry program, your backup will automatically pause, continuing only when the system no longer requires the high load.

The secure and stable software is everything you need to backup your computer or backup disk partitions and easily restore disk partitions. You get the added surety of being able to rescue your system even if it has become corrupted or targeted by malware. It's a program that's so easy to use that you'll wonder why you ever used anything else. Ashampoo Backup 2020 is compatible with Windows 7 to 10.

Software Product Description

Ashampoo Backup 2021 back ups and restores entire partitions (e.g. boot disks) safely and reliably. The built-in rescue feature even restore corrupt systems.