Ashampoo Droid Optimizer 2.1.0      

Size:  6.60MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2018-03-01

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OS:  Android 2.3+

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FreewareFiles Clean Award

Software Product Description

Does your smartphone feel incredibly slow? Does launching apps take forever? Is your battery always empty? Then, its time for a cleaning.

The free Ashampoo Droid Optimizer app helps keep your smartphones and tablets fast and clean. The app terminates running apps and background apps automatically and provides an instant memory and performance boost.

With continued use, your smartphone gets cluttered with temporary files. Ashampoo Droid Optimizer empties system and application caches and clears your browsing history to free up space. You can also find and delete huge files easily.

If youd like to know exactly what permissions your installed apps really have on your device, Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is ideal for you. Information on critical permissions is displayed in great detail and spy apps are easily exposed.

Finally, the app also helps you conserve battery life. It achieves this by automatically disabling non-critical features during customizable time periods. This way, you can have WLAN and mobile connectivity turned off at night and automatically re-enabled in the morning for instant availability.


  • Terminate foreground and background apps automatically
  • Empty the system and application cache
  • Clear your browsing history for better privacy
  • Find and delete big files fast and easily
  • Carry out cleaning tasks automatically
  • Conserve energy and enhance your battery life
  • Manage all installed apps
  • Learn about your apps critical permissions and expose spy apps