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Release Date:   2018-05-11

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on May 11, 2018

A powerful free office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, Ashampoo Office Free is ideal for home or office use. It can even be run on a flash drive so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Work with efficient yet easy-to-use programs to create your documents and presentations, and organize or analyze data to create impressive plans, reports, and charts. Three modules - Ashampoo TextMaker, Ashampoo PlanMaker and Ashampoo Presentations - provide you with software for all your office tasks. And, there's no need to worry about exchanging files with Microsoft Office users because your free office suite can open, edit and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Download and install Ashampoo Office Free to experience its comprehensive user interface. Whether you're entirely new to office utility software or a previous user of Word, WordPerfect or a GNU product, you'll find the clean, simple layout of each of the Ashampoo modules easy to understand in terms of menus and toolbars. There are a number of templates to help you on your way, and interactive help is always available.

All three modules include a status bar zoom slider and workspace color is adjustable. TextArt variants are available and there is support for Microsoft Office AutoShapes. Fonts can show or be hidden to unclutter font lists, and graphics can be conveniently cropped within the application.

Ashampoo TextMaker - your word processor

With lots of support for every possible word processing task, Ashampoo TextMaker is also compatible with many file formats - most importantly and conveniently with Microsoft Word DOCX.

Defaults or customizable options provide:

  • A sidebar enabling easy navigation and formatting of the document
  • Convenient jump navigation of spelling and grammar errors
  • A template preview (File Menu)
  • Stylesheet previews inclusive of the formatting list
  • Ability to create styles from current document formatting and subsequent updating
  • Cross-referencing to headings and text
  • AutoFormat for tables
  • Anti-aliasing to smooth graphics
  • Automatic superscripting of numbers
  • Alternative number formats when enumerating
  • Easy formatting of calculations and fields

Ashampoo PlanMaker - your spreadsheet software

Create spreadsheets and make calculations with hundreds of built-in functions, easily display as charts and export to Excel formats and PDF.

PlanMaker has a huge range of features and functions:

  • Ability to import Excel files
  • Excel compatible functions
  • Numeric formats compatible with Microsoft
  • Consolidates data to easily extract statistical information
  • Splits text in cells with a Text to Columns command where specified across columns
  • Easy one-click removal of duplicate or empty rows
  • Includes AverageIf and IfError calculation functions
  • Able to reference cells in other files
  • Create separate chart sheets with the option to save as image files
  • Many graphic effects for charts

Ashampoo Presentations - your presentation maker

Animate your presentations and incorporate DirectX technology-based transitions for a brilliant 'Wow' factor! Ashampoo Presentations makes it easy. Open and save to PowerPoint PPT and PPTX formats, and password-protect your files.

Easy to use features provide lots of options:

  • Elegantly designed templates
  • Sidebars for easy navigation and displaying layout of slides
  • Sound files for background music across multiple slides
  • Design masters can be copied in master slide view
  • Ability to insert previously compiled pictures
  • Antialiasing for smooth graphics

Ashampoo Office Free makes a very powerful and compatible solution to your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation requirements in a free office suite. It is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and is easy on your resources.

Software Product Description

Robust free office suite for Windows.