Ashampoo Soundstage 2020      

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Release Date:   2020-01-31

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on January 31, 2020

Amazing software converts audio into binaural stereo.

Free from Ashampoo, Soundstage 2020 is software that enables you to fully experience the rich audio of a dedicated sound system through surround sound for headphones. Watch movies, play games or listen to music and hear everything as it was meant to sound!

There are built-in presets and equalizers for different headphone brands, customizable room settings, and fine-tuning options. Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 provides:

  • A virtual sound card right on your computer
  • Conversion of existing stereo, 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 audio to binaural stereo
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Surround sound for headphones
  • Presets for popular brands including Sony, AKG, Sennheiser
  • Choice of sound locations
  • Customizable room settings
  • Volume boost
  • In-depth gaming experience

Setting up surround sound for your headphones

Download, install and launch Ashampoo Soundstage 2020. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the program. The program's interface is easy to use. The default setting displays speakers and controls on a background image. Boost, Headphone Surround, and Settings buttons are located along the bottom of the window along with tabs for Master volume and Opacity level.

Click the Settings button to bring up your options. First, click the Output button at left to select your computer's output device, ensure Make Default Device is checked and click Settings again to close. Latency can also be selected, including guidance on the relative CPU usage.

The speakers displayed on the interface include buttons 'M' to mute and 'S' for solo mode. Muted or solo mode speakers display as red or yellow. You control the volume by dragging the knob alongside the 'M' and 'S' buttons or left-clicking it to input a percentage.

The Settings panel is also your destination for selecting the correct audio format - select 5.1 if you are unsure when playing music. Once selected, click the Headphone Surround button to activate. The loudspeakers display as per the format selected.

Surround sound for headphones at your fingertips

Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 displays as an icon in the system tray so that you can left-click it to toggle between full and compact views, close the program or keep it on top. In compact mode, you have access to mute, solo and volume controls for all your speakers.

While the program does not upscale the audio, it outputs sound the way it was intended. Normally lower-grade systems cause quality loss which is rectified with Soundstage 2020 so that you can enjoy surround sound through your PC headphones. It is, in essence, a virtual sound card between the system's actual sound card and the headphones simulating the way the audio would sound on surround sound hardware.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 are all compatible with the program, a minimum Pentium IV processor, 1 GB RAM and 200 MB disk space are required plus, of course, a pair of headphones.

Software Product Description

Immerse yourself in surround sound heard through your headphones on your PC system.


"So Relaxing . . ."

Reviewer: -lionbill

Review Date: 2020-02-26

Pros: Love to slap on my headphones & listen to my favorite tunes(which are many & varied) while I'm installing / updating programs on my computer. I find that it relaxes me making tedious jobs seem easy.

Cons: Have used it for about a month now & so far none.

Other Thoughts: This is one excellent program that if asked, I would be more than happy to pay for.


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