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Release Date:   2020-01-29

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on January 10, 2020

Free uninstall software with cleaning and optimization tools.

Ashampoo UnInstaller is a very useful free utility that ensures that everything is removed when you uninstall software. You are probably aware that when you delete programs using Windows utilities many bits and pieces, including registry entries are left behind to clutter your system and create slowdowns and errors. The OS is even selective about informing you which installed software is deletable leaving you to assume that anything else is not.

Now, with free Ashampoo UnInstaller, you can experiment with new software without having to worry about cluttering up your machine with yet more junk. It will log your installation and, if you decide to delete it, every last leftover will be removed. Best of all, nested setups are detected and completely removed, too. You will even be able to remove those default Windows apps you never use that are taking up space on your system. That's not all...

The program includes maintenance and optimization tools to clean, manage services and file associations, and even completely wipe sensitive data. You are provided with uninstall software with the added ability to:

  • Log installations to provide log-based removal of unwanted software
  • Provide in-depth cleaning on removing software
  • Removal of nested setups
  • Wipe sensitive data
  • Maintain and optimize the system

Easy to use uninstall software

Download and install Ashampoo UnInstaller and follow the instructions to login to, or register, your Ashampoo account in order to activate the program.

Upon launching, you are provided with a comprehensive user interface with a navigation panel at right comprised of Applications, Install, Windows Apps and Tools buttons. 'Applications' is open by default with All enabled to list all the applications on the system in the main window. From here, you can select programs using Filter and Search at the top of the interface to find the program(s) you want to uninstall, selecting then using the Uninstall button at the bottom of the interface.

A confirmation window enables you to select additional options such as in-depth cleaning to ensure the removal of any leftovers. A summary window will confirm that the selected program(s) was uninstalled and itemize the number of files removed and the space freed up. Click the 'Close' button to finish.

In addition to displaying All programs, additional Applications menu buttons enable you to fine-tune the display to categorize software as:

  • Recently installed
  • Logged
  • Huge
  • Negatively
  • Updates
  • Uninstalled

Installing new applications

Clicking the Install button on the navigation panel provides a drag and drop window for your new installation. Drag the application into the box and click the Locate button. The installation will be logged to ensure that if you uninstall the program later, everything will be quickly found and removed.

View and uninstall Windows applications

The 'Windows Apps' enables you to display All, Recently Updated, Huge or Negatively Rated Windows applications. You can Filter, Search, then select and Uninstall them.

Maintaining, cleaning and speeding up your system

The 'Tools' button provides access to tools for tuning your startup applications, managing services and file associations, cleaning up internet junk and wiping files. 'File Wiper' is a drag and drop operation and the window provides 'Add,' 'Clear' and 'Remove' buttons, access to Settings and Progress information. You are also provided with Backups of all the system changes you've made - select the action and all the information on your changes will display in the right-hand panel along with 'Restore' and 'Delete' buttons.

The free uninstall software provides you with safeguards whenever you want to safely install and uninstall applications you want to test, as well as the ability to easily track the modifications you make. Additionally, you are provided with trustworthy tools to optimize and fully clean your system. Ashampoo UnInstaller is compatible with Windows 7 to 10 and requires a 1280 x 1024 graphics card and full administrative rights.

Software Product Description

Monitor installations to create logs that ensure everything is removed when you uninstall applications.