Aud-X 5.1 Surround Codec 1.24      

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Release Date:   2007-07-31

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Software Product Description

Aud-X is the name of a completely new surround sound encoder and decoder created by group of audio enthusiasts and professionals joined with love to the Cinema. For a long time people converted DVDs to Divx/Xvid with mp3 stereo sound. We have all felt that part of the orginal masterpiece was gone forever (the surround sound).

The main Aud-X project task was to bring to people an easy technology for encoding Divx/Xvid movies with 5.1 sound the same way they used to do it with the simple mp3 stereo encoders. Since Aud-X 5.1 sounds great at 128 kbps and is compatible with AVI – you can reencode DVDs the same way you are used to, but with full surround sound. Test Aud-X! Read our Aud-X DVD to Divx/Xvid conversion guide.


  • Dolby Digital compatibility. Designed to work with stand alone home movie theater amplifiers (AC3 in/out compatibility)
  • Full scalability
  • Mp3 backwards compatibility for older software and hardware
  • AVI compatible. This function makes Aud-X perfect companion for Divx/Xvid encoded movies. It must be emphasized that Aud-X works good at 128 kbps (traditional mp3 bitrate for movie encoding)
  • Avi, Ogg, Matroska, Mpeg containers compatibility
  • Aud-X comes with a complete set of tools for movie encoding and playback. We also support users with „How to' guides at
  • Wide range of encoding bitrates
  • 80 kbps - world record breaking compression bitrate for 5.1 sound
  • Easy to use interface. Designed for non experienced PC users not, only multimedia professionals and software freaks
  • Web site support. FAQ's and HOW_TO's at
  • High sound quality. Tests show that Aud-X outperforms other multichannel encoding technologies at comparable bitrates
  • Built-in Pseudo Surround module.


"aud-x rulez"

Reviewer: -mindblow

Review Date: 2006-01-21

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: good and useful codec. great job. cool that it works with virtual dub mod. I hated demuxing sound for compression, now I can compress 6ch sound track and the film in one move!


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