AudioMove 1.15      

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License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2007-06-06

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista

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Software Product Description

AudioMove is a simple, easy to use GUI-based batch audio file copy-and-conversion program.

You just tell it what files to convert, what format to convert them to, and where to put the output files, and it does it.


  • Converts from any format that libsndfile can read, to WAV or AIFF format
  • Uses libsamplerate for high-quality sample rate conversion to various sample rates (11.025kHz-192kHz)
  • Supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, or floating-point output sample widths
  • Specify files to convert using file requester or drag-and-drop
  • Multithreaded design for faster processing on multiprocessor machines
  • Pipelined dataflow for efficient resource utilization
  • Recursively batch-convert entire directory trees in a single step
  • Conversion-batch sizes may be arbitrarily large (e.g. thousands of files at a time)
  • Can be controlled from the command line (useful for invoking batch conversions from scripts)
  • No installation necessary -- just unzip and run (well, actually the Win32 version does come as a .msi file)
  • Qt-based GUI means AudioMove is portable to most major OS's
  • Open source (GPL); source code is available below
  • SUSE 9.1, MacOS/X and Windows binaries available below for your convenience.
Additional downloads for Linux and MacOS/X are available at the developer's website.