AudioShell 2.3.6      

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Release Date:   2016-06-06  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

AudioShell is a freeware MS Windows Explorer shell extension plugin which allows you to view and edit music file tags directly in Windows Explorer. AudioShell support all files and tags standards supported by Tag&Rename. AudioShell adds tag editor and viewer tabs to the music files properties menu (you can edit tags file by file or by groups), detailed music files hints with tag and file information, and additional columns in the Explorer files list. Full Unicode support. Great tool for mp3 players owners! You can fast and easy fix files tags in Explorer before uploading its to your iPod/Creative or any other mp3 player.


  • mp3 (all ID3v2 tag versions)
  • wma, asf and wmv (including DRM protected files)
  • Apple iTunes and iPod aac (m4a and m4p) and mp4 files
  • ogg, flac (vorbis comment tags)
  • mpc , mp+ (APE/APEv2 tags)
  • monkey's audio (APE/APEv2 tags)
  • wav pack (APE/APEv2 tags)
  • optim frog (APE/APEv2 tags)

Supported files and tags formats:

  • mp3 (all ID3 tag versions)
  • Windows Media (wma, asf and wmv files)
  • Apple iTunes aac (m4a, m4p and m4b) and mp4 and aiff files
  • ogg, flac (vorbis comment tags)
  • mpc, mp+, monkey's audio, wav pack, optim frog, true audio - APE tags, APEv2 tags
  • wav - ID3v2.3 tag in 'id3 ' RIFF chunk and LIST INFO chunk
  • dsf (DSD/Direct-Stream Digital) - ID3v2.3 tag


"Looks Great on Windows 10 64 bit"

Reviewer: -tiefoon

Review Date: 2016-05-18

Pros: Was able to replace a couple of stand alone programs

Cons: Doesn't retrieve information directly from online services to auto fill missing fields or corrections

Other Thoughts: One of the few shell programs that I've found actually works on Windows 10


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