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Autorun3 is a tool of a new generation: it's an integrated scanner discovering potentially dangerous applications (like spyware and such) and a manager of programs that run with the start of the system.

Autorun will allow you to remove useless and harmful programs from your computer. It is a tool created especially to fight spyware but it is also useful for cleaning the system from all the other useless applications. However, you have to remember this program is not an anti-virus so to be completely safe you still need to install onto your computer an anti-virus program and a firewall. Autorun3 should serve more as a helper than as a guard.

Autorun3 is a unique program - it doesn't use a database of spywares, so it doesn't know what to remove unless the user specifically marks the targets. Because of this, it is aimed mostly at system administrators and powerusers - they know exactly which programs are allowed to run on their own machines. This application may be difficult, but once the user understands how it works, it starts to be very rewarding - for your patience you get automatic protection against spywares (they're removed in realtime), automatic protection against browser hijacking and much, much more...


"Cool tool rule..."

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Review Date: 2008-03-16

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Other Thoughts: i allways think for my usb; at the first time it looks to keep perfomance a freeware to help.


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