What's New in version 13.96:

  • SHA1 deprecation

What's New in version 13.95:

  • This Autoruns update adds support for redirected user Shell folders.

What's New in version 13.90:

  • Autoruns now includes Runonce*Depend entries, adds GPO logon and logoff locations, and fixes a bug in WMI path parsing.

What's New in version 13.5:

  • This update to Autoruns, the most comprehensive autostart viewer and manager available for Windows, now shows 32-bit Office addins and font drivers, and enables resubmission of known images to Virus Total for a new scan.

What's New in version 13.4:

  • Now reports Office addins, adds several additional autostart locations, and no longer hides hosting executables like cmd.exe, powershell.exe and others when Windows and Microsoft filters are in effect.

What's New in version 13.3:

  • Autoruns, a utility that shows what processes, DLLs, and drivers are configured to automatically load, adds reporting of GP extension DLLs and now shows the target of hosting processes like cmd.exe and rundll32.exe.

What's New in version 13.0:

  • This major update to Autoruns, an autostart execution point (ASEP) manager, now has integration with to show the status of entries with respect to scans by over four dozen antimalware engines. It also includes a revamped scanning architecture that supports dynamic filters, including a free-form text filter, a greatly improved compare feature that highlights not just new items but deleted ones as well, and file saving and loading that preserves all the information of a scan.

What's New in version 12.03:

  • This update to Autoruns adds the registered HTML file extension, fixes a bug that could cause disabling of specific entry types to fail with a 'path not found' error, and addresses another that could prevent the Jump-to-image function from opening the selected image on 64-bit Windows.

What's New in version 12.02:

  • This fixes a bug that could cause Autoruns to crash on startup, updates the image path parsing for Installed Components to remove false positive file-not-found entries, and correctly reports image entry timestamps in local time instead of UTC.

What's New in version 12.01:

  • This update to Autoruns, a utility that comes in Windows application and command-line forms, has numerous bug fixes, adds a profile attribute/column to CSV and XML output, and interprets the CodeBase value for COM object registrations.

What's New in version 12.0:

  • This release of Autoruns, a Windows application and command-line utility for viewing autostart entries, now reports the presence of batch file and executable image entries in the WMI database, a vector used by some types of malware.

What's New in version 11.70:

  • adds a new option to have it show only per-user locations, something that is useful when analyzing the autostarts of different accounts than the one that Autoruns is running under.

What's New in version 11.61:

  • Autoruns is a utility for managing autostarting applications, DLLs and services. This update adds more autostart locations, fixes a bug that could cause a crash when Autorunsc is directed to calculate file hashes, and fixes a bug in Autoruns' jump-to-image functionality on 64-bit Windows.

What's New in version 11.6:

  • Fixes some minor bugs and adds Authenticode SHA1 and SHA256 hash reporting to Autorunsc output.

What's New in version 11.5:

  • This update to Autoruns, a utility for managing autostarting applications and components, now reports the image timestamp of executables and the last-modified timestamp of other file types and autostart locations to help with forensic analysis. The jump-to-entry feature is also improved to navigate directly to files rather than their parent directory.

What's New in version 11.42:

  • This release fixes a bug in the parsing of network file paths introduced in v11.41.

What's New in version 11.4:

  • Adds additional startup locations, fixes several bugs related to image path parsing, adds better support for browsing folders on WinPE, and fixes a Wow64 redirection bug.

What's new in version 11.33:

  • This fixes a bug that caused the run as administrator elevation to fail if Autoruns was started from a path with spaces.

What's new in version 11.32:

  • This update fixes a bug that prevented Autoruns from correctly elevating when the Run as Administrator option is selected.

What's new in version 11.31:

  • This fixes a bug that caused Autoruns to not automatically refresh when relaunched from the 'Run as Administrator' menu option.

What's New in version 11.3:

  • This update to Autoruns, a utility that shows the executables, drivers, and DLLs configured to autostart, adds several new autostart locations, sets a file association for its log file extension, reports the target of Rundll32 and other host executables, and fixes several bugs.

What's New in version 11.21:

  • This update to Autoruns fixes a number of minor bugs, including one that could result in a crash when certain scheduled tasks are configured.

What's New in version 11.2:

  • This update fixes a bug in the jump-to-folder function when executed on disabled items and correctly locates print monitor DLLs when they are stored in print monitor-specific system director

What's New in version 11.1:

  • This update to Autoruns adds several new autostart locations, reports the active filter in the status bar, and highlights unsigned images and those with no company name or description to make them easy to spot.

What's New in version 11.0:

  • This update to Autoruns, a GUI and command-line tool that lists executables configured to run when you boot, logon or run common applications, adds a 'jump to folder' command and several additional autostart locations. The command-line version, Autorunsc, adds a new switch to show file hashes and an option to display the autostart entries for all user accounts registered on a system.

What's New in version 10.07:

  • This release fixes a bug in the Process Explorer integration on 64-bit Windows and properly escapes XML characters in Autorunsc.exe output.

What's New in version 10.06:

  • This release fixes a bug that could affect delete and disable operations on entries stored as multisz registry values.

What's New in version 10.05:

  • This Autoruns update adds ActiveSync autostart locations, fixes a bug in that prevented offline scanning from working in some cases, and fixes a formatting bug in the scheduled tasks display.

What's New in version 10.04:

  • This fixes a toolbar drawing bug that shows on Windows XP.

What's New in version 10.03:

  • This update adds a number of additional shell extension locations and reports Safe Mode's alternateshell value.

What's New in version 10.02:

  • This update fixes a bug in Autorunsc that had default to filtering out signed Windows components.

What's New in version 10.01:

  • This fixes a bug in the Registry jump-to function for HKCU registry paths.

What's New in version 10.0:

  • This major update to Autoruns introduces the ability to scan offline Windows installations, adds .exe and .cmd extension handlers, defaults to hiding Windows entries to reduce noise in the common use case, and includes bug fixes.

What's New in version 9.57:

  • Now reports more group policy script entries.