avast! Browser Cleanup 12.1.2272.125      

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Release Date:   2016-06-29

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Have you ever noticed an unexpected change of your Web browser home page after installing a program on your computer? Then you have had a taste of unwanted add-ons. Such intrusive extensions are not as harmless as you might think. Some of the bad things they often do include tracking your online activities, snooping on the data stored on your computer, injecting false results when you use the search engines and slowing your browsing and the overall performance of your system. The add-ons are usually very difficult to remove. Thankfully, Avast Browser Cleanup will help you remove browser extensions with relative ease.

Using Avast Browser Cleanup

The Avast Browser Cleanup installer checked for updates before installing the free software in a matter of seconds. Unlike many programs, the software did not even create a desktop shortcut, perhaps in its effort to make as little changes as possible to our system.

When we launched the program, it analyzed the browser plug-ins within a few seconds before displaying a simple user interface with tabs for the browsers we had on our computer neatly arranged on the left side. There were also tabs for seeking support and configuring program settings.

Please note that you need to have Internet access during the launch so the program can retrieve necessary information online. While it uses this information to automatically remove add-ons that are known to be bad, you can manually remove unknown ones by clicking on the browser-specific tabs.

By default, Avast Browser Cleanup excludes add-ons with a good rating, but you may choose to view them by removing the tick on the check box that appears on the lower right corner of the program window when you click the tabs.

The program listed add-ons and their respective rating levels, and placing the cursor over the ratings showed us whether the rating was good or not. On the right side of each add-on was a button for removing it. Clicking a Remove button displayed a pop-up message asking us whether we were sure we wanted to remove the add-on because we could not undo the action.

On the upper right part of the program window was a button for resetting settings, which we could use to remove unwanted toolbars and other extensions. We needed to choose our default browser search provider, and the software did not recommend we keep the existing one.

By default, the add-on cleaner is scheduled to run once every day to remove unwanted toolbars with bad user ratings. Once it has completed the scan, it terminates to avoid using system resources throughout.


Avast Browser Cleanup is a special program you can use to remove browser extensions that may affect your computer in some way. It works fast and performs daily checkups in the background to maintain the health of Web browsers and overall computer performance.

Software Product Description

Restore your browser to its initial, clean state.


"Awesome Software!!! Save my Life!!!!"

Reviewer: -Thunder

Review Date: 2015-07-12

Pros: Avast! Browser Cleanup is a pretty awesome software. I was trying to take out a annoying MYSEARCH whose change the home page from a friend and some others add-ons, and adwares, and this software did the trick, what other softwares couldn't. Thanks Avast for the software.

Cons: None till now

Other Thoughts: Keep the good work!!!!


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