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Release Date:   2018-09-18

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 Reviewed on March 03, 2016

If you're looking for a new free video player or a way to upgrade your current one, then Awesome Video Player will be your next favorite program. This program is completely free, without any of those annoying ads or expiration dates, and it has so many features that you'll going to quickly uninstall any other video player that you have.

Using Awesome Video Player

First of all, let me talk about VLC. Everyone knows VLC is so good that you can put a piece of lunch meat in your computer and it will play a video, but believe me when I say that Awesome Video Player is even better. There's going to be skepticism, but it's true.

Both VLC and Awesome Video Player are free video player programs that can play nearly every video type available. These programs are equal when it comes to this factor, but Awesome Video Player has a lot of benefits that VLC should have had years ago. One of the best things is keyboard controls, and you'll need them for the next benefit. You can easily stop videos, fast forward or rewind and change the volume without ever touching a mouse.

The next best thing is playing multiple videos simultaneously. VLC can make a playlist for you with one video playing after another, but Awesome Video Player allows you to play up to 16 videos at the same time. Since this program automatically taps into your GPU, it takes a lot of effort off the CPU to keep your computer nice and cool even though you have so many videos playing at once. VLC can do this too, but it must be configured and the average user doesn't know how to do that. Adding videos to the player is simple. All you have to do is drag a video file to the player and it will start playing. Keep doing this to add more videos to the window.

Going back to keyboard controls, the list of controls are shown every time that you open the program. This helps you learn them at your own pace. They can also be used to stop certain videos, allow only one video to play, make one video full screen or close a specific video.

You can also save playlists so that the videos can be played again whenever you want. In fact, this program prompts you to save playlists whenever you exit. This is the perfect way to enjoy many videos at once without forgetting which ones you had on the screen.


I love this program so much that it's going to become my main video player. VLC is great and will probably stay tucked away in case I ever need it, but Awesome Video Player feels like a definite upgrade. From a better design to a much lengthier list of features and benefits, this program can play nearly every video file type while allowing you to play 16 videos at once without using a mouse. If it wasn't free, then it'd be worth every penny.

Software Product Description

AVPlayer supports playing multiple videos simultaneously.


"more videos more"


Review Date: 2019-04-18

Pros: 16 screens

Cons: 2 eyes

Other Thoughts: with 16 players open i watched an entire 2hr movie in 15 minutes. its like seeing the future.


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