Axdea 1.1.4      

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Release Date:   2018-09-06

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Reviewed on September 06, 2018

3D CAD modeling software that automates IBS score calculation

Fully featured Axdea 3D CAD, BIM-based IBS Score software from Innovacia is a free modeling application for Windows that supports Malaysia's Industrialized Building System - soon to be mandatory in the construction industry there. As the model is created, the IBS score is calculated so that, once the project is complete, the IBS score report can be exported to a PDF file.

In addition to the IBS automatic scoring system, BIM-based Axdea provides IFC file import and export, spreadsheet functionality and BIM server integration. This provides for:

  • The attachment of material to the model
  • The provision of a material card comprising all necessary materials information.
  • Industry Foundation Classes format for BIM applications compatibility.
  • Functionality to explore IFC files.
  • Ability to upload to the BIM Server.
  • Capability to extract information from 3D models to spreadsheet and exported to CSV format.

Free to download, Axdea, installed and launched, presents a highly comprehensive interface. Tools for various tasks - structural, architectural, mechanical, etc. - are grouped on Workbench toolbars.

Activation of the IBS Workbench will enable you to view the IBS score allowing you to analyze and improve your score as you build the model. Use the Wall icon to view the score by walls to a maximum of 20 points, the Structure icon displays the IBS score by structure and roof to a maximum 50 points, and the Overall IBS score icon provides the total score for the entire building. Scores for other components are displayed via access to the relevant tools for their creation from the Arch Workbench.

The Arch Workbench provides the tools for the creation of structures, whether you are working from scratch or using presets. Axdea calculates the IBS scores as you work.

The 3D CAD, BIM-based IBS Score software enables parametric modeling based on the properties selected for precision. Modular architecture provides for Python script plugins or Macros. Various industry standard files, including OBJ, SVG, DXF, and VRML, can be imported and exported. (DWG requires the Teigha converter.)

Finalized projects are 3D printing-ready.

Software Product Description

Free 3D CAD, BIM-based IBS Score Software.