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Software Product Description

BXO Toolbox is a set of useful tools for system integrators.

System integrators often face the task of isolating a problem, that is, to find out in which subsystem the fault exists. Is the error in the DECT equipment, in the nurse call system or somewhere in between? When two systems don't communicate, it can be diffucult to determine which is the faulty one.

With the programs included in the BXO Toolbox, you can verify one part at a time. Plug in your PC instead of the DECT and run the KIRK/COBS Emulator to check whether the alarm system talks to the DECT or not. Plug in your PC instead of the nurse call to simulate alarms and make sure the alarm receiving system is working.

Nurse Call System Simulator This program is used to simulate a nurse call system. With it, you can check that connected equipment, like logging software, DECT telephony and such, works as intended - even before the system is in place and without having to run around the building pressing alarm buttons.

Programmable Parser Tester This program was mainly designed to be helpful when setting up the Programmable Parser module in the system integration platforms BXO LOG and BXO LAS, but is also useful in other contexts. It provides an easy means of simulating log printer outputs.

KIRK/COBS Emulator With this program, you can verify that alarm paging to DECT telephony works as intended. You can create any number of virtual handsets, which can display text messages that are sent from some kind of alarm paging equipment. This way you can check, for instance, that alarm escalation chains have been set up correctly.

Bosch NurseCall Viewer This is a specialized program for checking communications with a Bosch NurseCall unit in AlarmManagement mode.

SOS Access Server & Client This is a simple server and client for testing the SOS Access V4 protocol, used by many alarm centres in Scandinavia to send alarm information over IP.