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Reviewed on October 04, 2018

Backup and synchronize files from the command line

Bacar is a free multi-purpose backup and restore utility which provides a variety of options to meet a range of synchronization requirements.

Backups are important for two principal reasons. Firstly, so that data can be recovered in the event of loss due to corruption or accidental deletion and, secondly, to recover data saved earlier. Everybody loses files at some point and or finds it necessary to refer to older versions of documents. The Bacar free backup utility could become your salvation!

Dual purpose Bacar provides you with command line control in a console window

As a general purpose backup/restore tool, Bacar has many options to give you complete control over your back up procedures. Preferences can be specified and there are tools included to back up entire drives, the registry, or email client contents, etc.

As a sync utility, it can be used to synchronize files stored on the hard drive with, for example, those on a USB drive. You can keep directories on multiple computers or servers updated by synchronizing them before and after you work on the files stored on them.

Preparing for a backup

Taking the time to plan what files should be backed up using the Bacar free backup utility, where they should reside and how to organize them will put you in good shape for never losing data.

Decide on:

  • The backup medium, i.e. whether internal drive, external drive, DVD, LAN, Cloud or simple CD-ROM.
  • The structure of the backup directory
  • How often you need to back up your data.
  • What to keep - just the latest files or the older versions of them
  • Making complete backup copies of everything or only what has changed since the last backup

The advantages of Bacar

This command line utility is superior in many ways to other backup utilities. It's portable and can be used from a hard drive or a USB drive. Its copy modes include copy all, synchronize, refresh files, update, mirror and dated backup. You can filter files according to name, extension, new files, existing files, sub-directories and there is Unicode support for if you have files with foreign characters in your file names. Bacar enables you to specify a job from the command line or you can make a command line list of a number of jobs.

Using Bacar

Just download and unzip this Bacar to a directory on your hard drive or on a removable drive. Open in a console window. You can select from the Mode Options which are clearly explained and allow you further control in regard what is deleted, what is kept, and date and times.

Options for synchronizing can be selected, again with all codes clearly explained. There are also a number of codes for safety options e.g. p= prompt y-n for each file and w= wait to press Enter. The window provides command line examples, and you can alternatively make a text-based list for which the format is shown.

Bacar is a simple to use program that is capable of performing a range of useful functions for backing up and synchronizing files and directories. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and administrative rights may be needed depending upon what is being backed up.

Software Product Description

Free tool to backup or synchronize your files.