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Release Date:   2020-06-19

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) Windows Server 2008/2016

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Reviewed on June 19, 2020

Develop amazing designs for background images, banners, logos, and more.

Background Generator is a free application that enables designers to create background images from seven different generator models ranging from abstract to repeating patterns with your choice of gradient, transparency level, text effects, and icons. High-resolution images can be saved in PNG or JPG format. Create backgrounds, user interface designs, banners, logos, and much more.

  • 7 basic styles
  • 100+ icons
  • Text effects
  • Transparency options
  • Random positioning
  • Choice of color type with full range of respective colors
  • High-resolution PNG/JPG output
  • Multi-language, including English, German, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

Easy way to create background images

Download the installable or portable version of Background Generator and launch the user interface. Buttons for the seven image styles are located under the menu bar, which also gives access to your choice of language and browsing for a required file. Under the main window or canvas, you'll find 'Save' buttons as well as buttons to a selection of preset templates and text effects. Generation tools are located in a panel at left.

The seven image styles are Colorful, Graphics, Galaxy, Changing Light, Poly, Dreamy, and Bars. Select your image style and start to create a background image.

Once you have chosen the image style, click the Generate button at the top of the Tools panel to generate a random image. There are 'Clean,' 'Undo,' and 'Redo' buttons available beneath the 'Generate' button. You can then use the options to make your changes. Alternatively, start from scratch and create a unique image.

Generating options

  • Image Size - choose from the dropdown presets list or input Width and Height in relevant boxes.
  • Transparency - select Opaque or Transparent.
  • Color Type - selecting Random Color will generate random colors in the image while selecting Customized Color enables you to select a color in the next box, and you can set the Gradient Range using the slider below that.
  • Alpha - sets the transparency level.
  • Max Shape Size - Sets the maximum size of shapes added to the image. Shapes are selected in the next dropdown.
  • Random Position - select required positioning (Yes or No) from dropdown.
  • Repeated Background - select repeat requirements from dropdown.
  • Add text - create copy to be added to the graphic after it is generated.

Once you have selected all your options, you can click the 'Generate' button and immediately create a unique image. View your canvas and make any necessary changes and/or add any required text, then use the buttons below to save the image. If you are using the Transparent option, you'll need to save your image in PNG format to retain transparency.

Free Background Generator enables designers to create background images for a range of purposes and, at the same time, provides an easy way for anybody to make a customized background image. The straight-forward application provides templates and text effects for fast image creation and is useful whether you are a professional designer, influencer, or blogger or anybody else wanting to make an impact. The software is compatible with Windows 7 to 10. A portable version is also available.

Software Product Description

Create unique, high resolution background images.