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Release Date:   2015-05-29

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 Reviewed on June 20, 2013

There are many free antivirus programs, some of which merely give a false sense of security. How do you know the right PC security software to choose? A number of factors can help you out, and Baidu antivirus incorporates all the important factors.

Baidu Antivirus Features

  • Multiple Antivirus Engine: The program intelligently selects the right antivirus automatically to help in detecting and removing 99 percent of threats
  • Realtime System Defense helps to protect the computer at all times
  • Cloud Security provides ultrafast response to the latest threats
  • Proactive Defense provides quick response from the cloud to help in blocking viruses
  • Local virus databases help in detecting viruses localized to particular areas
  • Free antivirus that provides free upgrades and other free services


Baidu antivirus installed fast on our system and automatically updated to the latest version soon after installation. The program recommended that we scan our PC immediately after the installation, which we did.

Using Baidu Antivirus

We decided to perform a full scan as we performed other tasks. It is recommended that you perform a full scan on a weekly basis and quick scan daily. The program offers the option to auto process and shut down the computer after scanning. However, we chose the manual process option. The program then displayed scan results, which included elapsed time, items scanned, threats detected and threats removed. It also provided a link to the quarantine.


Lightweight: The installed program took 54.77MB while others take more than 100MB.

Resource-friendly: We could perform other tasks as the antivirus scanned our computer in the background without noticing any lag in performance. Many so-called antivirus programs do not only slow down computers but also fail to detect some threats.

Efficient: Baidu antivirus fights all types of infections, including malware, Trojans, worms, malicious websites and phishing. It combines conventional scanning, including USB protection, with cloud security.

Fast: Compared to some antivirus programs, Baidu scans computers relatively faster.

User-friendly: The relatively few options the software provides make it easy to use. This does not mean it does not perform some important functions. The quarantine option is also good because it allows users to access and scan important files with potential threats.


Baidu antivirus allows users to change a number of settings that determine how the program works. The possible areas to adjust include general, virus scan, system protection, proactive defense, update, engine option, USB protection and advanced settings. The program also provides the option of giving feedback.


Although the antivirus has many advantages, some users may not be pleased with a couple of areas:
  • No option to exclude files or folders
  • No option for scheduling a scan


Baidu is an efficient and simple PC security software that even newbies can use comfortably.

Software Product Description

Baidu Antivirus 2015 is a permanently free antivirus cloud-based security solution that delivers 5 layers of defense against all of today's worst PC threats:
  • System Protection protects critical system locations that can be easily infiltrated by malicious code.
  • Browser Protection: Protects your Internet security by intercepting and disabling "phishing" attacks, drive-by Trojans, and malicious websites.
  • Removable Media Protection prevents infection from USB flash drives and other mobile storage devices.
  • Browser Settings Protection: Prevents malicious programs from tampering with your browser and homepage settings.
  • Download Protection: Scans downloaded files in real-time to prevent malicious programs from infecting your computer.
Baidu Antivirus can be used on desktop and laptop PCs running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


"so far so good."

Reviewer: -stuart

Review Date: 2015-07-12

Pros: it's free, relatively light, cool interface, easy to understand for noobs, nice advanced options, easy installation that actually works straight out the box.

Cons: So far just a few wee niggles but nothing that would warrant calling them cons.

Other Thoughts: I never got round to trying this program until recently, I saw the reviews that meweizer posted which I thank him for as he really puts the effort in and his reviews are excellent, a shout out to KristovSluga as well, you guys save people a lot of time and it's appreciated.

I found Baidu to be a very decent program so far and I wish some of the other AV programs would follow suit ! Avast is over rated imho and AVG feels like a cluttered mess, I doubt they can match these programs in terms of the resources they consume as Baidu is light by comparison yet very effective in protection. The fact it has the Avira database included is enough for some people to consider using this program,one fear of using these programs is that the virus signatures they have are usually limited or dated but with the Avira signatures added then that can only be a good thing.

Setup is as easy as your going to get, run the EXE and it does it all for you with no stupid nag after nag or a windows reminding you that this free version isn't up to the job, instead you are treated to a nice modern UI that's clean and simple to understand but if you dig into the settings you can configure it with some nice features. It has variable protection and scan settings although I found the medium settings to be good enough which also happen to be mostly the default settings. Updates are automatic and frankly you wouldn't know it's updating as it's very efficient compared to some premium rivals. Baidu is good enough to be regarded as a Anti-Malware program which I used to run alongside my AV, Malwarebytes Pro was usually my program of choice but I have became very concerned with it lately as it's a complete resource hog and frankly awful at updating without killing performance. So just running a AV for all round protection is a first for me but I will see how it pans out. After a quick look at my Task Manager I see 3 processes running and it's still only using less than half of what Malwarebytes consumes.

Rather than cramming tons of features into the program they have split additional features into a toolbox where you can download a tool of your choice covering all sorts of things like, plugin cleaner, network repair, windows repair etc, I like having the choice to use these tools if I choose rather than them being integrated into the program and hogging more memory, nice touch that is.

I am sorry my review isn't more detailed yet but I shall post a update in a month or so and let you know how it's going.


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