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Release Date:   2010-11-07  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows Vista/7

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Software Product Description

A system tray application to monitor the battery charge level. Originally written to overcome a bug in Windows 7 where the user was never notified of the battery getting to the low/critical state and having the chance to save their work.


  • Select battery percentage to trigger a popup/audio alert
  • Select between a number in the system tray or an icon
  • Load at Startup or manually
  • Easily set the Notebook power scheme
  • Tray Icon which changes depending on the battery status
  • Tray Icon flashes whilst battery is below user-designated alert level
  • Bubble notification and alarm sound when battery reaches alert level
  • User-selectable alert level (5-95% in 5% increments)
  • System-tray Menu (right-click) or Small Window (double-click) options
  • Click the bubble notification to acknowledge alarm status
  • Window snaps to just above/beside System Tray
  • User-selected alert level saved in registry

What's New in version

  • Added option to display battery level as text or icon in sys tray
  • Green text when plugged in
  • Red text when using battery