Blank Service Invoice Template 1.10      

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Software Product Description

Many business transactions require the use of invoices for processing payments. This means your invoices are serious business documents that should go towards showing how professional you are. Blank Service Invoice Template will help you create professional-quality and standardized invoices quickly. The free invoicing software will automatically calculate taxes and totals for you to make your work even easier.

Using Blank Service Invoice Template is easy. Once you have installed the program, simply double-click the INVOICE.xls shortcut created on your desktop to launch the default invoice template. The program opens in the Invoice tab by default, where you need to click the 'Design Mode' when you want to create a new invoice.

In case you have entered some data that you do not want to save or you want to start creating a new invoice, click the 'Clear & New' button on the left part of the display. You then need to fill relevant client information in the 'BILL TO' section. Alternatively, you may click the 'on-sheet picker' button if you want to use the details of existing customers. You can also use the button to select an existing item or enter item details manually.

You will need to enter your details such as company name, address, date and invoice number. You can also easily replace the placeholder logo with your own. The buttons on the left panel are arranged in different categories, namely invoice, customer, shipping address and products/items.

Once you have entered all details, you can save, print, email or extract the invoice by clicking the appropriate button. Clicking the 'Design Mode' once more takes you out of the mode.

Blank Service Invoice Template is an ideal tool for freelancers and small businesses that do not need to provide shipping information. The free version creates professional and beautiful invoices just like the ones created by many commercial invoicing programs.