Blastocyst 1.0      

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Release Date:   2005-11-10

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It is the future!... and while it would be nice to dwell for a moment on the nicer aspects of this, such as the major technological advances, prevailing sense of global peace and harmony, vastly improved health and social security services, or the exciting and highly collectable toys currently being given away free with every McDonalds Happy Meal, we simply don't have time because a highly compacted radioactive asteroid is about to enter Earth's atmosphere!

As the world's best pilot, you have been asked to intercept the asteroid and destroy it. Your highly maneuverable fighter (flame red metallic paint, sat-nav, leather cockpit) has been locked in a snug toroidal space-time envelope mere thousands of miles above the planet with the asteroid. The authorities will release you from the envelope to a hero's breakfast once you have completely vaporised it. I'm afraid you only have one life, so you'd better be careful (Mario was considered for the job, but while multiple life potential would undeniably be of great assistance in this situation, the zero gravity environment does not lend itself particularly well to jumping on top of things as a primary mode of attack).

Your ship is fitted with a rapid fire neutronic blaster, a powerful rock-repellent electromagnetic shield and a nifty chassis-mounted scoop with the ability to gather radioactive matter from space and convert it into power for the aforementioned blaster and shield.

Blastocyst is a game of skill and tactics. You only have one level to complete, and one life to complete it with. Blast the rock and all rock fragments while avoiding being hit. Your blaster and shield consume energy, indicated by the green bar at the bottom of the screen. When you destroy the smallest fragments, a static green radioactive particle will be left behind; fly over it to replenish your energy. If your energy runs out completely and you are hit by a rock you will die. Prepare to enter asteroid hell... good luck!